How To Estimate the Cost of Auto Body Repair

If a car sustains either a small or a massive amount of damage, auto body repair is needed to fix the damages and make the car usable and attractive again. Estimating an auto body repair might be difficult if you do not get an estimate from professionals in a repair shop. However, if you need an estimate of how much you might need to spend for automobile repairs before taking it to a repair shop, you need to take a few measures to estimate the auto body repair on your own.

To estimate the cost of auto body repair, follow the tips below.

  • Size up the cost for the exterior. Look at any damages the car might have on its surface. If there are dents small enough to hammer out, you might want to consider doing the repair yourself with a body hammer. You can also use a body block to hammer out any dents on the car and make it look like new again. Do not attempt to use a body hammer or block if you have no experience using these materials. Ask a friend who has experience with using a body block or hammer to even out the dent to avoid further damage. If you feel the car has sustained more damage than it really looks, it might be a good idea to start looking at the inside of the car.
  • Look into inside damages. To assess inside damages, you need to take the car’s exterior off to see any breaks, dents or cracks on the inside part of the car. Look under the hood for any missing parts such as valves and screws that need replacement. Very carefully dislodge any part of the car that you can take off by unscrewing to see if there are any damages to the inside of the car. Collect the screws and gears inside a labeled bin to make sure that all parts that you still have are intact and will not get lost.
  • Take measurements of the car. If the car has sustained damage enough to make it uneven or shifted, you have to make sure of it by measuring the car with a tape measure. Measure the car horizontally and vertically and check if the measurements are still in proper alignment. If there are discrepancies with the measurement, the car is most likely misaligned or shifted. Take note of your measurements for future reference regarding repairs. You should also measure the wheels for misalignment. The tape measure has to reach one wheel’s middle all the way to the adjacent wheel’s middle part.
  • Take a few snapshots of the damage. Take pictures of the damage that you detected and ask for assistance in determining how much car repairs will cost. Repair costs for one car with the same damages are most likely different with a different type of car, so you have to ask for professional advice regarding this matter and get an estimate of how much auto repairs will cost.
  • Ask your insurance company for estimation assistance. If your car is insured, the insurance company will determine how much the repairs will cost and how much you will spend for auto repairs according to the insurance plan that you have. Notify your insurance company about your car’s need for repairs and get an estimate of how much it will cost by having someone from the insurance company look at the car and the pictures you took of the damage.

Getting an estimate for auto repairs is important if you want to get an idea of how much you need to spend for auto repairs. It is always best to ask for professional advice on how much your auto repairs will cost depending on the damage sustained by the car.


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