How To Fight Rust

When oxygen comes in contact with certain metals for a long period a reaction occurs. This is called RUST or oxidation. Iron and oxygen react in the presence of water or air moisture. The reaction is called rust.

Rust is the enemy of every household. Let us learn how to fight it. First let us know some products that are said to be useful in rust removal. Natural rust removers such as vinegar are the cheapest and they work wonders as they can really serve you well. Lemon juice, salt, and baking soda are among the contents of your own cupboard that also helps you in your fight against rust.

Oil or grease like WD40 is recommended for gardening or hand tools. It is applied to fully coat the entire tool so that any moisture cannot penetrate. Acid or strong alkaline material dissolves rust but must be used with extreme caution because of the chemical nature of the product. Finasol is another product that removes rust and gives a brand new look and engines and rubber hoses. Organic rust converters are products that convert rusts into harmless chemical compounds. The chemical compound becomes protective film that protects against rust. Commercial rust removers are easy to use but it has a negative effect to the family.

Aside from these commercial rust remover products and natural rust remover cupboard display we can also fight rust in other ways.

We can remove rusts manually by cleaning our surface of all loose and flaking rust and paint. To remove old paint and rust from our metal tools, sandblasting is the quickest and easiest way. Be sure that you know how to use it. Wire brushing and sanding is another method of removing loose rusts. Depending on how you do it, wire brushing and sanding produces a top quality finish. Painting and coating a hand tool will produce a good looking one. Painting and coating, however must be done after cleaning and degreasing the surface then washing it with strong detergent followed by thorough rinsing.

After gathering all these rust fighting products, you think you are totally safe and your family will enjoy throughout the season. But wait. For some households, families don’t have time and maybe inclination to fight rust manually. So they settle for the use of commercial rust removers. It is enough for them to see that those products can actually wipe that rust away from their stuffs. They are not aware that those kinds of products would only bring danger not just to their tools but more especially to their family's health. In such a case the fight is not won!

In homes and in businesses, it is quite unavoidable to use objects, materials and other things that are made of metal, iron and other rust-prone elements. These things cannot totally avoid rust but we don’t worry because there are easy ways and common products that prevent rust formation. So we feel comfortable because preventing rust is as easy as wiping them clean.


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