How To Fill the Windshield Washer Tank

The windshield is an important part of your car. It keeps bugs off your face, stops you from getting wet in the rain, and more importantly, it keeps the wind and debris away from your eyes; thus, the name "wind" shield.

The problem with this, however, is that it gets dirty. A weekly car wash will clean the windshield. A trip to the full service gas stop will get it cleaned as well. You don’t have to do anything during those stops, but for emergencies, you have to go to the resources you have. For one thing, you have wipers which work to get the windshield clean; however, without anything liquid to wash it, you will just be spreading debris around the windshield.

Eventually, the windshield washer tank runs out of fluid and you will need to replace it.  We will show you how to fill the windshield washer tank with the fluid before it runs out. You will be able to replace it yourself and not rely on a mechanic to do this task.

Turn off the engine. To fill the windshield washer tank, start by turning off the engine of your car. Then, remove your keys from the ignition. Make sure your hand break is engaged before getting out of the car and going through the next step. This step minimizes the risk of an accident.

Open the hood.  To gain access to the container of the windshield washer fluid you need to open the car hood. There should be a hood release latch at the left side of the dashboard. It is near the bottom of the steering wheel. Once you pull the release latch you should hear a popping sound. That would mean you are now ready to go outside and open the hood. To open the hood, feel for the auxiliary release latch that can be found at the bottom center of the hood. Slide the latch to the left and lift the hood open. Once open, let the lift cylinders hold it open. After this proceed to the next step.

Find the windshield washer tank. Finding the reservoir is very important for filling the windshield washer tank as that is where the liquid goes. The reservoir should be located at the bottom corner of the engine bay, toward the left. If you still cannot find it, look for a square black cap that covers the reservoir. It is usually found next to the reservoir of the radiator.

Fill in the windshield fluid. The next step is to fill the windshield washer tank, which involves pouring the fluid into the reservoir. After finding the windshield washer tank, take off the cap on the reservoir and insert a funnel.  Pour the fluid into the reservoir until it is full. Remember to close the cap afterwards. Lower the hood and now you are good to go.

Congratulations! You have become a mechanic for a day when you filled the windshield washer tank all by yourself. Your car thanks you for the care you bring and it will return the favor with a thousand more smooth rides. With a clean windshield, it is sure that you will enjoy the view.


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