How To Fill Up a Gas Tank

If you don’t know how to fill up a gas tank, that's no problem - it is not a hard process to go through at all.  First, you must know the best type of gas for your vehicle.  If you are a new driver and this is your first vehicle, you’re going to want to talk to the dealer who sold you your car, or you’re may want to talk to the person who owns the car.  Most compact and mid-sized cars take regular unleaded gasoline.  Large SUV-type vehicles and luxury vehicles take premium or ultra premium gasoline.  These types of gasoline are much more expensive than regular unleaded.

Next, head to the gas station.  Park your car with your car’s gas tank facing the pumps.  There is usually a small lever beside your driver seat.  It usually has a graphic that looks like a gas bottle or a little faucet with a drop coming out to indicate gas.  Gently pull this lever.  This will open your gas tank.  Many pumps these days require you to pay for the gas before pumping.  You can pay for your gas one of two ways: either swipe your card at the gas pump, or pay by cash or credit card inside.

If you use your credit card at the pump, place it in the credit reader as directed and follow the prompts.  If you want to pay at the register in cash, the cashier will usually ask you to put $30-$75 down depending on the size of your vehicle.  You can also specify the exact amount of gas you want; the cashier can set the pumps to stop at that amount.  If you've put sufficient money down, you can then pump your gas until your tank is full.  The pump will click and gas will stop coming out when your tank is full.  If you've got a refund coming, return to the cashier and she will issue the refund; for example, if you deposited $50 and it costs $27 to fill up your tank, you will receive $23 in change from the cashier.

If you are paying for your full tank of gas with a credit card, the gas pump will click and gas will stop coming out when the tank is full.  Your card will thus only be charged the proper amount.  When you actually pump the gas, sometimes you will need to lift the lever that the pump was resting on in order to start the fuel flow. Other times you’ll just have to press a button.

Make sure to remember to put your gas tank cover back on.  Close the flap securely, and you’re done. 

It’s a pretty simple process to fill up a gas tank.  You will feel independent and empowered if you are a new driver the first time that you do this.  Safe driving and being able to get where you need to go by yourself is one of the most rewarding experiences in life.


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