How To Find a Cheap Precast Concrete Garage

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A prefabricated garage or precast concrete garage is the perfect solution to resolve storage and vehicle parking requirements. A precast garage is portable, sturdy, and easy to build, and can add value to your house insurance. A concrete garage is more common in the United Kingdom but has recently become popular in the US.

A prefabricated concrete garage is very functional and just takes at most a day to erect. The concrete is precast and gives the feel of a brick-made garage. Older concrete garages used to only be made out of constructed concrete slabs of posts and pillars, and corrugated asbestos roofs. With the onset of modern manufacturing innovations and techniques, concrete garages can now be built in tall upright panels with spar aggregate or pebble dash finish. Some can even have a brick finish effect that can either be factory applied or applied on-site.

Depending on the plans presented and the prices of materials, various concrete coatings, and concrete floor paints can be applied to the garage floors, and base floor coatings leading to the concrete driveway. The corrugated roof design can be improved by adding colored roofing options or decorative tiles that look real.

A precast concrete garage is significantly cheaper than a block or brick built garage. It has a more secure structure than a timber garage and can be used as a storage area. The guarantee given for a concrete garage covers a ten-year period, but it has been proven to last for as long as 40 years depending on the manner in which the owners maintain it.

Since not many companies produce precast concrete garages in the US, below are links where you can find comparative costs to have a precast concrete garage made:

The site, provides detailed information about concrete garages and links to companies.

For those who wish to have a battery of garages built, where there are three or more garage units adjacent to each other, the Nucrete Concrete Garages, website provides more information.

For information about concrete sectional garages is the website for a company found in Salt Lake City, Utah that manufactures concrete garages.

You may try that offers free quotes from local builders of prefabricated buildings. Indicate your precast specifications for the panels, concrete coatings, concrete floor painting, type of garage floors, floor coatings, and added details like a concrete driveway or other features so the right price for your plans can be quoted based on the details provided.

Check the following when considering the cheapest cost of a precast concrete garage:

  1. Try going to the company's show building to see samples of their work.
  2. Ask if you can discuss details of your requirements with staff before you are given a quote.
  3. Request a site survey to see if your old garage needs to be removed and if the requirements for the concrete base fits your new garage plans.
  4. Ask if the garage prices provided include delivery costs, cost of installation, VAT and at least a 10-year guarantee.
  5. Find out what is included in the services and materials provided and what is added like eaves fillers, guttering, mortar fillet, hardwood weather bars, and windows.


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