How To Find a Vehicle Invoice Price

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Vehicle owners buy cars from car dealers.  Car dealers get these cars from the car manufacturer.  These are usually separate businesses.  Like any other business, for them to be able to profit, car dealers add charges to the vehicle invoice price.

Some of these charges are essential in keeping their business alive, to cover overhead and other necessary expenses they incur in getting a car to sell.  However, some of these dealers manage to cut some deals with the car companies and could even afford to go lower than the car’s invoice price.

As a consumer, you might want to get the most out of your money and as much as possible, save whenever you buy something.  When purchasing a car, truck or SUV, for instance, you might want to find out the vehicle invoice price to be able to negotiate with the dealers for a better and lower selling price.

First, decide on the car you would like to purchase.  If you are on a budget, make sure that this is something that would be applicable to your lifestyle and not just something that looks pretty.  List the other features or modifications you would want for your car.  Take note of the specific model, year and trim line of the car.  Once you have made your choice you may start on how to get the invoice price of the car you would like to buy.

E-mail.  Send an e-mail to the dealership that has the car of your choice.  Try to get hold of the e-mail address of the manager and send your inquiry to him.  In your e-mail, directly ask about the invoice price of the car you are eyeing.  While you may not always expect a response with the invoice price, at least you have made contact with the manager, and he can give you good deals on their cars.

Edmunds.  Point your browser to  Check out the specific make, model and description of the car you are interested in. While the resulting invoice price will not directly come from the dealership, you would get a good ballpark figure of how much the car will cast.

Ask the sales agent. When you go to check out the car and take it out for a test drive, you can ask the agent directly for the invoice price. This shows you are serious about buying the vehicle, and that you would like to start negotiating for a better price or for better terms. However, some sales agents might not be willing to share this information, especially if it’s his sales commission that might be compromised.

Knowing the vehicle’s invoice price is a great advantage in getting a better deal when buying a car.  Once a dealer or sales agent realizes that you are aware of the more technical marketing terms in car dealerships, like the vehicle invoice price, they will likely consider you to be knowledgeable in this kind of business. Chances are, they will start offering discounts and other freebies.


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