How To Find a Volkswagen Beetle Convertible

Volkswagen convertible

The Volkswagen Beetle is one of the most classic car designs to come out of Germany. For many decades, its signature rounded roof and curvaceous chassis was the trademark of the company. And with a great deal of nostalgia fueling it, the Beetle has remained as one of the most loved cars in recent memory, with both decades-old and new models plying the streets.

The car loving public’s love affair with Volkswagen has even reached new levels when they chose to rework the classic Beetle. The company did the bold move by giving the car a brand new makeover while still carrying the signature look of the vehicle. The new model had a strong modern look, but it stayed loyal to the very rounded edges of the classic Beetle. While it surely benefited from an upgrade that made the car a lot better looking relative to newer cars, it still was undeniably from the proud line of Beetles that Volkswagen is proud to produce.

Volkswagen released several convertible editions of the Beetle until the late 1970’s, but many automotive aficionados have been converting their standard classic Beetles with convertible tops. Volkswagen also launched the sexy convertible New Beetle. There’s just nothing like it on the market. Those who had the new Volkswagen convertible suddenly became the rock stars of the road. It ushers in a level of nostalgia that was still channeling the cool sophistication of modern technology.

Volkswagen dealerships. You may easily find a Volkswagen Beetle Convertible at your local car dealership. They would also probably carry the Volkswagen Jetta. The convertible is one of the premiere cars in the Volkswagen lineup, so don’t expect the car to come cheap.  Despite the high prices, a lot of people have been buying them. A bad economy and an even worse credit climate doesn’t usually stop people from buying luxury items if they have good taste.

Used car lots. The used cars lots could also be a place to find these convertibles, but the chances of finding a convertible bug in these places might not be that good, especially since convertible Beetles carry some premium with them, and these are usually snapped up pretty quickly. Be sure to check the background of the car thoroughly, including maintenance and accident or insurance history. If you’re out for the classic Beetle, make sure the convertible roof is working properly, and that there are no leaks and breaks in the material. Also, if you’re buying a car that has been converted from a conventional roofed Beetle into a convertible one, you need to check if structural supports have been installed at the underside, to compensate for the loss of the roof, which in automotive engineering is part of the unibody’s structural support.

Online. Believe it or not, cars are also being sold over the internet these days. There are websites that are devoted to advertising automobiles and there are even some that have bidding wars, such as If you prefer looking for used cars in your area so you can have a look yourself, you can try local search listings like

With the right amount of money, smarts and luck, you may fish yourself a nice deal for a VW Beetle convertible.


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