How To Find and Use the Best Diesel Cleaner: A Helpful Guide

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Diesel is an oily substance, and over time your engine may become dirty and grimy through regular use. The right cleaner can help you clean the engine compartment and get rid of the grime, but how do you know which cleaner to use?

Here's an easy guide to help you make the right choice for your engine, as well as how to use the diesel cleaner. Take a look.

Finding the Right Diesel Cleaner

If you don't clean your engine regularly, you could face repairs that weren't necessary. You can avoid these issues with regular care of your diesel engine. A dirty engine also wears harder so it doesn't last as long.

Whether you have Caterpillar diesel engines or another brand, the best cleaner is one that degreases everything and doesn't damage the equipment.

Metals used in engine parts are subject to damage from hydrogen in some cleaners. Purple Power is an industrial degreaser, but aluminum and other metals in your engine can't take it. The same goes for Simple Green.

Citrus cleaners are popular for helping mechanics clean their hands. The same principle applies to citrus engine cleaners, which work well to degrease your diesel engine. Always take precautions to protect your skin when working with chemicals like D-Limonene to avoid injury.

Another option includes simple Dawn dish soap and water. Wildlife rescuers love the degreasing qualities for removing oil from animals, and it works the same way as a diesel cleaner.

How to Use Diesel Cleaner

To clean out your diesel engine, follow many of the same steps as when you clean out a gasoline engine. You first have to get all the leaves and other large debris out of the engine compartment. Use your hands to pull them out of all the nooks and crannies.

Then run your engine for a few minutes to warm it up, not more than 10 minutes.

Before applying any cleaning products, make sure to cover the parts of the engine where you don't want chemicals. Once you've protected the necessary parts, apply the diesel cleaner. Let it work for a few minutes before you start scrubbing.

Using a scrub brush with a long handle to scrub, removing all the dirt and grease. Rinse with a stream of water, not with a powerful spray. Then let it dry.

First, allow the engine's heat to evaporate some of the water. After a few minutes, dry the rest by hand. This way you don't get water spots on the engine you just cleaned.

TLC for Your Diesel Engine

If you're looking for a good diesel cleaner, you've already done the most important part of caring for your equipment. Realizing the need to keep your diesel engine clean means you're conscientious and willing to work hard to maintain your vehicle.

Follow the steps above to find the right cleaner and use it properly. Then enjoy your clean engine compartment.

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