How To Find Automobile Invoice Prices Online

Purchasing a new car requires a lot of thought especially if you are working on a budget. Aside from picking the best brand and model that your money can buy, you will want to ensure that you are getting the best deal. Yes, price is always an important factor when purchasing a car. Fortunately, the research has gotten a lot easier due to the fact that everything can be found online. And, this includes the invoice prices of all the commercial automobiles available. Whether you are looking for the bluebook value of a 1998 Chevy or want the retail value of a 2010 BMW X5, the Internet is the best resource to explore. Here are some of the best ways to find the prices you are looking for.

  • Google it. You have heard it a thousand times but it really never gets old. Yes, if you are looking for something on the Internet, Googling it will surely bring you what you are looking for. In this case, you are looking for automobile invoice prices, so use that as your primary keywords and execute the search. Now, this will only provide you with websites that will give you general prices for any car. If you want to refine the search, simply add the brand, model, and make of the vehicle that you are interested in with the keywords mentioned previously. This should refine your search to only display the specific vehicle in the top ten ranked results. Explore each link until you find the price you are looking for. However, what you want to do here is look at the manufacturer suggested price with the dealer price. If the price is the same with the dealer, then you can visit that specific dealer since the price is about right. Now, if you are interested in a secondhand vehicle, then what you really want to do is to look at its bluebook value. This will give you an idea how much any dealer should be selling this specific brand, make, and model.
  • Visit the Kelley Blue Book website. While the search on Google should bring you to this site, you might want to sidestep it and go directly to This website is the premium pricing information master when it comes to automobile, whether you are looking for a secondhand or brand new vehicle. The Kelley Blue Book value will be all you need really since it will provide you with the actual market value of each and every vehicle around regardless of brand and model.
  • Check Yahoo. Google will probably include this link but you may as well go directly to it. Visit if you are looking for the retail prices of each and every brand new automobile in the market. Since the current year is 2010, this site will go over the prices of the current 2010-2011 brands and models. You can then compare the prices on this list with the dealer prices around. If the price is within an acceptable range, then your quest is at its end.

Every car buyer should always investigate price first above everything else. Money is tight nowadays due to the economic down slide so every bit of saving will really count.


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