How To Find Car Rebate Offers

Getting the best deal possible on a new car can be challenging.  Some might even consider it an art form.  One way to improve the price you pay is to take advantage of dealer incentives.  Dealer incentives can be low interest rates or car rebate offers. 

Once you have decided that a vehicle rebate offer is right for your purchase, you must locate and research the available rebate offers.  Finding car rebate offers is simply a matter of time and attention.  The following steps will guide you through locating car rebate offers for your new vehicle purchase.

Keep a notepad and pen handy while you are watching television.  The best auto rebate offers are widely advertised on television but it can be difficult to remember the specifics once the commercial is over.  When you see a car commercial, grab your paper and pen.  Jot down the details of the car rebate offer such as the manufacturer, model, rebate amount, and offer expiration date.

Research the Internet for car rebate offers.  There are several good websites that list car rebate offers.  If you know what car you intend to purchase, simply go to the manufacturer’s website and look at their auto incentives section.  This will list all of their price rebates on all models.  When you are unsure what vehicle to purchase or are narrowing your decision down based on current car rebate offers, websites such as are extremely helpful.  Edmunds lists all of the current incentive programs.  Click on the Latest Incentives link.  Car rebate offers are listed by make and model.  You must click on each car rebate offer link to view the current offer.  To find other websites that offer car rebate information simply type current car rebates into your search engine.

Call your local car dealerships and ask for price rebate offer information.  Once you have done all of your research, call your local dealership.  Ask for a salesperson and indicate that you would like details on their current rebate offers.  Often, your salesperson will be able to give you more information about car rebates over the phone.  You may get important information that is not advertised elsewhere, such as when the current car rebate will expire and when new car rebates will be available.  Be friendly with the salesperson but make certain that you don’t fall into the trap of giving out more information than you intended.


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