How To Find Car Storage Space

The majority of people in America own at least one car. When not being driven, all of those cars need to be stored somewhere. Parking on the street is risky because car owners often cannot find a close parking space, and many cities have regulations about when or for how long cars may be parked on the street. Most car owners therefore have to decide whether to purchase parking spaces for their vehicles or rent car storage space in a parking facility.

Vehicle storage spaces can be expensive; however, vehicles parked in them are safer than those parked on the street or in a driveway. Car storage facilities deal with a wide variety of business and personal-use vehicles. Car storage spaces are appropriate to rent if you will not be driving the car for a long period of time.

Before renting a space, get your car ready to be stored. Clean out your vehicle, taking special care to remove any spilled food from the interior, and get a car wash to clean up the outside. These steps stop pests such as roaches and mice from becoming interested in your car while it is parked. You should also get your car serviced; have the oil changed, fill the tank with gas, and get any other needed repairs.

Next, find the best storage space for your needs. If there are antique shows or other car dealerships nearby, you may be able to rent space in one of their lots. You should try to get a space that is near your home or business so that you can easily access the car when you are ready to drive it. If you cannot find any nearby storage facilities, consult your Yellow Pages or do a quick Google search to find places in your city of residence.

Visit two or three facilities. Tell the owners how long you will need to store your vehicle for and how often you intend to drive the vehicle while renting the space. Ask to see different types of storage spaces available. Consider covered and enclosed spaces as well as traditional spaces if you have an antique car or are storing your vehicle during bad weather. Get several price quotes before making a decision.

Once you have chosen a car storage facility, make sure to reserve your spot right away before the facility fills up. You may have to make a down payment on the space to hold it until you are ready to put your car in it. Make sure to remove the battery once the car is parked in its space, or have the facility's mechanics do so, to stop it from becoming corroded before you next use your car.


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