How To Find Easy Driving Directions Online

Rather than looking at Google maps or trawling through pages trying to find a trustworthy map finder site that requires you to pay for access, the easiest and shortest way to find driving directions online is by visiting MapQuest. MapQuest is a free online resource from which you can get maps, driving directions with the best possible routes, and even useful information like where parking garages are located, and where to find the lowest gas prices in a particular place. These are the simple steps you need to follow to get directions from MapQuest:

  1. Access the MapQuest website and follow the link for "Directions," which is located near the top of the page.

  2. There are a few blanks for you to fill in on the left corner of your screen. You don't have to fill in the "Find a Business" line because it is completely optional. For the Starting Location, you can choose to include a specific place name, like the name of an airport, a restaurant, or the hotel you're staying in, and then type in the city and state, as well as the ZIP code of the place if you know it. If you don't know the ZIP code, don't worry, because you can always just leave that line blank.

  3. For the Ending Location, write down the address, city, state and/or the ZIP code of your planned destination in their corresponding blanks.

  4. If you're done with all this, click the "Get Directions" button. You will then be given a map on the next page, in case you want to see a visual representation of your route, and the route for you to follow, with specific directions like turn left, right or go straight down a particular street or highway, so it would all be easy to understand.

  5. When you have received the directions, you can go to the page link of the Printer-Friendly version and get your map and directions printed out so you are always able to check it out whenever you want. Or, if you don't need the map immediately, you can choose the option to e-mail this to a friend and send it to your e-mail address. Additionally, you can click on the "Reverse Route" button found in the Directions page for the instructions on which roads you need to take to get from your destination and back to your starting point. If you have to do some quick traveling and can't be bothered to check it again, it's advisable to have the reverse route printed out as well.

MapQuest also has a downloadable application for phones, and you can check their site for a list of phones that are compatible. The MapQuest 4 Mobile application allows the user access to movie theaters, hotels and gas stations, and to save maps and directions from the user's MapQuest My Places account and to the user's phone, so there's no more need to carry cumbersome maps as long as the user has his phone with him. MapQuest 4 Mobile is freely available for download from their site.


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