How To Find Out About an Old Speeding Ticket

Are you always pestered by an old speeding ticket? Even you are considered to be the best driver in the world, you can still experience great burden due to an old speeding ticket. You usually get this if you renew your license or your car insurance plan. Indeed, with old tickets you will experience little trouble but with proper knowledge and right timing you can definitely deal with an old speeding ticket effectively. Follow the simple guide below:

  • Prepare. Prepare the things or people you will need. In advance get hold of the following: driver information, driving record, payment, and an attorney if much needed.
  • Check your driving record. Know if there are old citations issued to you in the past.  Do this using your complete and accurate driving record, which will give you your credible driving history. This driving history of yours will also let you know if your license was on hold for how many times. This is also a very good start to track an old speeding ticket.
  • Make a non-biased background investigation on yourself. Do this in your own state or county where you are currently residing. This background investigation will let you remember or let you know of every criminal arrest you had in the past or will tell if you have any prior issued speeding tickets. Here you will know if these speeding tickets were taken cared of already.
  • Contact the courts. Contact all the courts in every place you have remembered you received any speeding ticket. Prepare a little fee as payment for every court to run a background check to confirm if your name appeared on the court’s dockets. These dockets give valuable and detailed information about your ticket such as the case number, the date, the plea you have entered and all the ensuing court actions.
  • Ask for dispositions on your speeding ticket. These dispositions give you the complete and accurate vital information on every speeding ticket you received. These are usually the proofs that are required by government agencies, which are conducting an investigation on you due to an old speeding ticket you had received in the past.
  • Seek a lawyer’s advice. If you fail finding the needed information hire a credible attorney. Know for a fact that lawyers have great access to various research methodologies and court measures that you as an ordinary citizen will find hard time doing. Find lawyers who are willing to have a no-charge consultation to talk about your research requests and start from there.

In addition, check every jurisdiction in which you might have resided. Remember that several counties and cities hold not just one court but many that keep records and deal citations. Allot ample time and acquire lots of patience in your search for your old speeding tickets. Learn that it takes a minimum of 72 hours before you can get hold of any record so plan your search accordingly.

Never, ever falsify documents and records just to make your request. If you obtain records for any illegitimate purpose, you are committing a crime and it may lead you to very serious trouble.


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