How To Find Restorable Antique Cars

Antique car
If you've got a love for classic cars, then you've probably considered purchasing one for your own collection. Whether you want a showpiece for your garage or just an old rebuilder, here's a helpful guide on how to find restorable antique cars.

Step 1

Visit a junkyard. Your best bet for finding a restorable antique car is to stop in at your local junkyard. These places are usually well-stocked in both old and new automobiles. If you're not close to a salvage yard, call ahead and ask about their current inventory. However, you might just enjoy browsing the collections of wrecks and rusted relics so you can search out your own restorable gem.

Step 2

Attend an auction. If you don't want the hassle of restoring an antique car, then consider buying one that has already been done for you. Go to an auto auction that specializes in antique and collectible cars, and you'll find hundreds of rebuilt classic and one-of-a-kind vehicles just waiting to be auctioned off to the highest bidder.  Just keep in mind that, unlike a car you rebuild yourself, you can never be too sure of the quality of workmanship on these restored antiques. So be sure that you take some time to closely inspect the car before bidding on it.

Step 3

Look in the newspaper. If you're lucky, you might be able to locate a restorable antique car for sale in the newspaper. Look in the classified section under automobiles. The cars that are listed are usually done so by year, so look at the top of the list first for the restorable antiques.

You should also consider looking in antique car magazines or basic car sales catalogs, such as ‘Auto Trader'. Within these types of publications, there should be hundreds of antique collectible cars for you to consider, ranging in condition from your typical fixer-upper to pristine beauties who haven't seen asphalt in years. Auto trader also has a website that will allow you to search for restorable antique cars by area. This should help you to find older cars that are closer to where you live.

Step 4

Post a ‘wanted' ad. If you can't find a restorable antique car in the newspaper or a magazine, seek one out. That is, place an advertisement in these same places stating exactly what type of vehicle you're looking for. Be sure to mention the make, model and year of the restorable car you're looking for, as well as the ideal condition for it to be in. You just may catch the eye of an antique car owner who has decided that it's time to sell his restorable piece of automotive history.

Step 5

Go online. Of course, the most convenient way to find a restorable antique car is to search for one online. You can visit eBay Motors, where hundreds of cars are sold daily. Or you can search for a specific antique and collectible cars website. Always make the effort to view the car in person before you decide to purchase it. This way, you'll know whether or not the antique car still has a solid body and is capable of being restored.


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