How To Find the Best Auto Mechanic in Your Area

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Planning on tuning and revving up your car or repairing a well-used and well-loved auto? Here is how you could find the best auto mechanic near you: 

  • Word of mouth. Nothing beats testimonials from satisfied customers. If you ask around and find out who your friends, neighbors, relatives, classmates, officemates, teammates, and club mates choose as their favorite auto mechanic, you gain a lot of helpful and genuine information. You could also go to mechanics themselves to ask whether they know someone who is an excellent mechanic or who taught them what they know. For this, you need to be friendly and knowledgeable about car repair yourself; if mechanics observe that you know a lot of stuff about car repair, they will give you more specific and trustworthy information.
  • Want to know from the comfort of your seat?  Then use the Internet to help you. Just type keywords such as ‘auto mechanic' or ‘auto repair' in your search engine. You could also try similar keywords such as ‘car mechanic', ‘car repair' and add words to refine your search such as ‘find', ‘locator', ‘location', or ‘auto shop'. Sites featuring these keywords usually have a list of shops that are categorized by location. Click on the place or enter the zip code for your area. These sites have descriptions of their services, such as how they would do repairs, the estimated costs, and the parts they have available. From here, you could tell which mechanic is best for your preferences, your specifications and your budget.
  • Go to your car dealer. They will have qualified auto mechanics that will know how to do repairs and alterations for the specific model of your car. Also, car parts that are high quality and compatible with your car are readily available. The downside to this is that a dealer is more costly than regular auto mechanics, and they most likely want you to buy more of their own products and discourage you from using parts from other shops.  
  • Check out phone directories and classified ads under the heading ‘automotive'. There are both online and printed versions; the advantage of online versions is that you will have more entries, while the disadvantage is you have to know how to search and how to choose from many options. The advantage of printed versions is that you could carry these with you, you would have a shorter list, and if you have a local directory, you would have nearer mechanics.
  • Know whether an auto mechanic is good (if not the best) by his service: he is honest and trustworthy, he has a commendable track record, he doesn't ask you to come back again and again for additional repairs, he doesn't force you to buy expensive items or repair things you don't need, and he charges you a reasonable price. Don't stick to one mechanic just for the sake of habit. Try different mechanics, and find out which one is the best for you.

Finding the best mechanic for your car is not impossible. You only need a little looking and lots of patience in selecting the right one. 


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