How To Find the Best Local Mechanic for Auto Repair

One of the most important things for car owners to know is where to find a good mechanic. It is vital to the longevity of your vehicle that you've got a well-trained professional handling its repairs. In case of breakdowns, you'll want a sure hand working on your machine, and you'll want one close enough to drive to without risking further damage to your car. Once you've mapped out an area within fifteen to twenty minutes of your home, you can start search for a garage that can best service your vehicle. Here are a few handy sources of information about the best local mechanics.

Word of Mouth - The easiest way to find a good local mechanic is simply to ask around. Friends, family, and coworkers each have their own relationships with mechanics in the area. By asking someone for a referral, you can get a good idea of the mechanic's price range, quality, location, and work ethic through testimonial. A good way to gather important information is to ask acquaintances familiar with your car. With enough luck, you'll be able to find that one mechanic who's perfect for the model.

Car Clubs - More often than not, car aficionados will have the down low on mechanics in your area. Being or knowing a member will make you privy to the wealth of information car clubs can provide. If you're lucky enough to own a car that merits its own club, or whose manufacturer manages clubs, there's a chance that you'll find a mechanic that specializes specifically on your automobile.

Online - Through the power of search engines, you'll be able to find a local mechanic with the greatest of ease. Just query mechanics in your area and you're good to go with addresses, contact numbers, rates, and more. Remember, a little googling can go a long way. 

If you want to dig even deeper, jump into online car clubs and car lover forums for opinions on the mechanics you've got in mind. With a little effort, you'll be able to get some valuable reviews. The surest way to do this is to join in on the discussions, not just read through them. You'll get a more personal touch in terms of communication and surprisingly specific answers to your questions.

The Mechanics Themselves - Sometimes, the best source is straight from the horse's mouth. Once you've narrowed down a list of prospects, take some time to visit each once and talk to them. You'll be able to get a good feel for the mechanic and his work if you get to know them personally. A big bonus to this is that you'll be able to compare rates, location, and character between the mechanics you visit, and try to negotiate discounts as well. Make sure they've got the parts you need, and can render all the necessary services. With a little time, you'll form a good working relationship with a top-notch mechanic just a few minutes away from your place.


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