How To Find Tire Changer Equipment for Motorcycles

Motorcycles are a great mode of road transportation. It is ideal for the use of one to two persons. Because of its size, you can easily weave in and out of traffic with a motorcycle and drive in narrow paths and dirt roads. One great draw for choosing motorcycles is that it offers a great sense of individuality and freedom for its owner.

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast who knows how to fix your motorcycle or a reasonably knowledgeable motorcycle owner, one piece of equipment you may want to invest in for your motorcycle is a tire changer so you can change the tires yourself and avoid expensive service fees for this relatively easy task. But first things first: you want to know how to find tire changer equipment for motorcycles. You can do this online by checking out the following websites:

  1. Ammco. The Ammco coats of Henessy Industry website at Once you are in the main page, click on “tire changer equipment.” When you get to that page, click on the models of motorcycle changer you want to check out.
  2. Allstates. Allstates of America has a website at If you are looking for old, new or reconditioned tire changer equipment for your trusty motorcycle, this is one website you can go to. Upon reaching their main page, scroll down and click on the “service equipment index” button. When you get to that page, just type in the words “tire changer for motorcycles” and in a few seconds the web page will show you a list of available tire changers. Simply click on each model on the list to check it out. You will see the pictures of the model and its specs. The list cannot be viewed using a filter, so you will have to go through each item on the list to figure out which one is used or not. The list itself indicates this, though. To place an order, you can call 305 635-4525 or 1 800 223-2573 or fax to 305 635-5353 or e-mail to   [email protected] The company is quite reliable, having been around since the 1970s.
  3. eBay. Visit the E-bay website at When you get to the main page, simply type in the keywords “motorcycle tire changer” and you will see the results. You can bid online or buy right away. You might want to check out the description, return policy, shipping payment and buying tips while you are there. You may also consider buying from top-rated sellers if there are several sellers or if it is your first purchase on E-bay.
  4. Wikco. The Wikco webpage at Simply click “Motorcycle Equipment and Accessories” to see the Motorcycle Equipment Index. On the index you will see “Tire Changer/Motorcycle and ATV/Manual.” Click on this and you will see various products to choose from, including their specs, prices and pictures.

Now that you know how to find tire changer equipment for motorcycles – old, new or refurbished – you will have a wide range of choices that will fit your budget. The tips you find here are by no means exhaustive but merely a starting point. Good luck in finding the best tire changer for your bike!


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