How To Find Vehicle Transport Safety Tips

Vehicle transport services will move vehicles from one place to another, with the assurance that the vehicle will be delivered safely. Despite this assurance that a vehicle transport service can deliver your car to its destination without a hitch, there are a few things that you ought to keep in mind. Selecting the best quality shipper is always the primary concern. It’s a good idea to choose a vehicle transport service that has a good track record.

Where to find safety tips

A few safety tips can be found from the internet. Do some research by using keywords such as “vehicle transport safety tips,” “car transport,” “auto shipping safety tips,” and “auto shipping.” You can also visit websites run by logistics companies and shipping firms, to see some basic DOs and DON’Ts of shipping vehicles.

You can also visit the Car Movers Directory or scan the local telephone directory for vehicle transport services. Vehicle transport service that has handled over 500 auto deliveries can be considered as an experienced vehicle transport company, and you can call them up to ask for tips.

Before having your vehicle shipped or transported, here are a few things you should do.

Clean your vehicle before shipping. This would help determine if there are any markings or damage to the vehicle prior to shipping. You can take a digital photograph of your car before and after shipping, so you have proof if any damage was done during transport. It is also prudent to advise the driver if there are any special instructions for operating your car or vehicle. Finally, it is important that both pick-up and off-loading points are accessible to the tractor trailers.

Disconnect the battery. It is important that the vehicle's battery does not cause any shortage or leak. You can disconnect the terminals before shipping, or at least make sure all accessories are turned off or unplugged. You should also ensure that the vehicle's fluids, such as oil or fuel are not overfilled. Just fill it to the minimum, to avoid overflows.

Remove personal items. Insurance companies often advise that you remove any personal items from the car, or else, as you would not receive compensation in the event of loss or damage to these items.

Establish a contact person. Make sure that you have someone present at the vehicle's drop off point and that the contact person's correct contact information is also available, to avoid any hassles.

Select a vehicle transport service company that will ensure that your car is delivered before your arrival. Also ensure that the keys to the vehicle are removed and send these along with the necessary paperwork prepared by your shipping or logistics company.

Don’t pay in full until your car is delivered safely. Vehicle transport service companies will ask you to pay a small advance or deposit when you sign a shipping order. When the car is delivered, the auto shipping company will accept payment in the form of cash, money order, any major credit card or cashier’s check. It’s not advisable to pay in full at the beginning of the transaction, because your vehicle is on the line, and there is always a risk of damages or problems during shipping.

Before signing up for any service, make sure that the vehicle transport company renders quality service at a good price. Try and make a price and service comparison with similar service companies. You can go over the MCSA (or the Motor Carrier Safety Act of 1984) safety and fitness electronic records to further check the credentials of a vehicle transport shipping service. Your vehicle is a big investment, and having it transported to another state, or even overseas would be best done by a reputable and reasonably priced vehicle transport service that can ensure the safety of your car while in transit.


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