How To Find Work in a Hostel

Backpacking through different countries around the world can be a very exciting and culturally rewarding adventure. Due to the fact that you will be moving around often, you will most likely be staying in various hostels and various locations. These low-priced bed and breakfast operations are scattered across the globe, and provide both the weary traveler and the traveler on a budget a respite from the trip, a place to eat, rest and recharge. But what happens when you find yourself short on money during the trip? Fortunately, there are a number of jobs that you can do at the hostel, in order to earn a little extra travel money.

Teaching English is an alternative job that can be appealing to a number of people. Hostels are great places to find people from other countries who are very interested in learning English. You can contract a few of them for sit-down sessions during the day, and agree on a tutoring fee. You will also be able to meet more people through this kind of exchange. In the same line, translation is also very popular in hostels. If you are able to speak the local language and a number of other international languages, you can set up tutoring sessions with other hostel guests in order to earn extra money. This will also help them on their tours around the area, as they will have a certain understanding of essential words in the area.

If you possess certain artistic talents, you can also work as a musician, an artist or an entertainer at the hostel. If you are a musician, go down to the hostel's bar and speak with some of the band members. They might be willing to let you do sessions with them, in exchange for money or free board at the hostel. If you are an entertainer, talk to the manager and see if you can offer your services for a few nights, to entertain the other guests. Who knows, you might even make a career out of it when you head back home. If you are an artist i.e. you do portraits, graphic art or interior design, you can offer these services to hostel management as well. There is a great possibility that the hostel needs a touch-up, a re-design, or maybe even a mural to help spruce up the place.

If you have IT services to offer, go right ahead. The hostel may have need of someone who can optimize their internet connection, manage their computer network, or suggest upgrades to their existing equipment. Remember, you are offering your professional opinion, so ask if in return you can get free lodging or some other kind of compensation arrangement.

Hostels often suffer from a lack of help around the place, and are almost always short-staffed. If you come in with any way to help augment their struggling workforce, and present your ideas well to the manager, there should be no problem for you to earn a little extra money or a few more nights in the hostel. And, as you and I will know, money management is the key to a successful, extended backpacking trip.


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