How To Fix a Car Dent with Dry Ice

Image of car dent
Auto repairs can be expensive, especially when money is tight. But before you rush off to the auto body shop to fix cosmetic issues with your vehicle, consider doing the repair yourself. If your car has a small dent in it, you can often use dry ice to remove the dent. It's a paintless dent repair method that will save you hundreds! Try this method for fixing a car dent with dry ice.

Step 1

Work in a well-ventilated area. Dry ice gives off CO₂ (carbon dioxide) as melts. If it's not stored in an insulated container that is completely airtight, it will expand and explode, putting your health at serious risk. Always follow the directions and use proper storage and ventilation methods.

Step 2

Heat up the dent. The next step to fixing a car dent with dry ice is to make sure that the area on your car where the dent is has been warmed up. The easiest way to do this is to park your car in the sun for a few hours. Don't use a heat gun or you'll risk damaging your paint job. Just let it sit outside so that it's warm to the touch.

Step 3

Take safety precautions. When you are working with dry ice, you need to take a few extra safety precautions. Make sure that people stay away from your work area while the dry ice is out (especially children). Wear a thick pair of protective gloves (and I mean thick.) Dry ice has unbelievable abilities to freeze skin instantly, which will damage or kill the skin. Be smart and bundle up. (Cotton gloves, a towel or even thick pot holders will work when handling dry ice.)

Step 4

Cool the dent. Once the area has been sufficiently heated from the sun, you can use the dry ice to remove the dent. Using proper handling techniques, place a small piece of dry ice over the dent. The rapid temperature change will make the metal ‘pop' out. Move the ice over other dented areas to remove all of the dents. Using dry ice to remove a dent from your car shouldn't affect your paint job. If the dent is small enough and you've got some dry ice talent, you can probably make it look like there was never even a dent there.

Step 5

Assess the repair. If you're happy with the dent removal from the dry ice, then that's all there is to this repair. However, if there is a crease in the dent or the dent doesn't seem to be completely removed, it may be too big of a job for dry ice. If that's the case, it's time for you to decide whether a trip to the local body shop is necessary. Hopefully, that's not the case and dry ice has completely removed all the dents from your car, restoring it to its former glory.


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