How To Fix a Minor Scratch on Your Car

Buff scratches

Most car owners like you are very protective. You always want to make sure that nothing happens to your “baby” – your car. A scratch, no matter how small it is, can eventually stress you out. Once you have noticed it, taking off your eyes on it seems to be grueling. Of course, you have all the reasons on earth to worry. Depending on the length and the depth, a scratch can already bring, trigger, or cause problems to your vehicle’s exterior. Now, if you want to handle the matter immediately, here are some quick fixes to let you take away the irritating scratch or dent:

  1. Get a small basin. Fill it up with warm water. Then, get a sponge and soap. Target the area of the scratch. Clean it up well.
  2. Inspect the scratch one more time. Can you still see it? When you touch the scratch, can you still feel it? If both of your answers are “yes”, then, the scratch slit or went through your car’s clear coat.
  3. Your first option is to get your fine polish solution. Then, ready a microfiber cloth. Make sure it is clean. Then, apply or pour a small portion of the solution to the cloth. Proceed to rub the cloth against the scratch area. Maintain the rubbing motion. Do it clockwise. When you feel that the polish solution was already embedded into the scratch, fold your cloth. Use the dry side of the cloth to remove the extra polish. Again, sustain the clockwise motion.
  4. Check out if you can still see or feel the scratch. If it is still there, try your second option. Get your rubbing alcohol. You also need another clean microfiber cloth. Pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol into the microfiber cloth. Rubbing alcohol has a strong concentration. Be careful when you use it. Make sure not to pour too much on the first application. A little amount may already do the trick. Then, rub the microfiber cloth against the scratch. Sustain the circular motion. Remember what you did with the fine polish solution.

After that, fold your microfiber cloth so you can conveniently use the dry part. Again, rub the microfiber cloth to take away the excess rubbing alcohol. Be cautious. Don’t rub too hard. It may ruin your repair job.

Now, if the scratch is still apparent after cleaning up the excess rubbing alcohol, try pouring more into the microfiber cloth. Repeat the process until the scratch is taken care of.

Although the repairing process is simple, you still need to be aware of the area where the scratch is located and the kind of solution that you want to use to manage the scratch. Remember the basic pointer: use the fine polish or the rubbing alcohol sparingly. Add more only when it is needed. Of course, the scratch is bigger or wider, the repairing may already require professional assistance. Get in touch with a car repair shop and schedule the repair job soon to prevent any further damage to your much-loved vehicle.


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