How To Fix Audi A6 Brake Lights

If you have had some extensive driving experience, then chances are you have come across a vehicle whose brake lights do not work—it was probably a frustrating experience, as you can imagine many situations where having broken brake lights can lead to something much worse, and that the driver was lucky not to have been stopped by enforcers (at least not yet).

But you would be surprised to know that in most cases of broken brake lights, drivers are not even aware of it. Typically, the only time they realize that it is broken is when they receive a hefty ticket from an officer. This could also happen to you, so you have to be extra careful when it comes to your car and make sure that everything is working—because there can be nothing more frustrating than being caught off guard with a ticket during a particularly bad day. 

This article deals with fixing or replacing the brake light of an Audi A6, so if you are interested in learning how; whether it is for the sake of knowing or for cutting costs as hiring a professional to replace your brake lights can be quite a blow to your wallet, read on to the following steps:

What to gather and purchase. Fortunately, you do not need much in order to properly replace the brakes on your Audi A6. In order to accomplish this, you will need a replacement for the light bulb on the Audi’s brakes (which shouldn’t be too expensive or difficult to find), a plastic scrub brush, some dry cloth, a Phillips-head screwdriver and wire strippers. The rest will all depend on your efforts.

Replace the brake light’s bulb and do a little cleaning. The first part is easy enough; simply use your screwdriver to carefully remove the lens cover by unscrewing it. After, you can then remove the faulty brake light bulbs using your hands. Take the time to see if the socket has any signs of corrosion, and use your plastic brush as well as your drop cloth to clean wherever necessary. Screw the cover back on, and exercise caution while doing it or you may break something you might not be able to fix without calling a professional.

Check the Audi’s wiring. This can be a little tricky if you do not know what you are doing. The panel which deals with some of the Audi’s electronics (such as the brake light) is located under the mat inside the trunk. Once you have managed to open the panel, you need to look for the fuse which controls the Audi’s brake lights (it should be the color red), and get a closer look to see if everything is attached. If the problem with the brake lights is a completely physical one, then you will find no problems in this panel, but if ever it does seem like the red fuses are not properly attached, then feel free to do so.

And that is all you need to know when it comes to fixing the brake lights of an Audi A6. This is also a similar enough process when it comes to other cars.


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