How To Fix Foggy Headlights

There are many people nowadays who purchase expensive cars, but know nothing about them. They drive these cars because of their luxury and show them off to the world, but when it comes to how it works, they do not know what to do. So when the headlights suddenly stop working so well, and they find it difficult to see what is in front of them because the lights are fogged up, they immediately drive it over to a shop to have the headlights replaced.

The mechanics aren’t likely to complain, as they get more money out of the deal, and they know that eventually the headlights will simply fog up again and those people will be back for another set. This may be all well and good if you have the money to maintain such an unnecessary repair job, but if you are on a tight budget, you would know that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to foggy headlights. Hundreds and hundreds of American dollars are spent for new headlights, when the only problem of the older ones is they are fogged up.

This article will help provide a solution without having to spend even a fraction of that money—so if you are interested in clearing up your foggy headlights (which is very possible), then continue reading and the steps will do the rest so long as you follow it:

  • Purchase the necessary items. All you will really need for this little repair project is a thousand-grade sandpaper, a rubbing compound (it is up to you what kind), and a simple clean cloth. Imagine what you would have spent on brand new headlights, and then look at how much you are spending now—there is a big difference, and it’s a decision you are likely never to regret.
  • Clear up the fog. Use your thousand-grade sandpaper and rub all across the headlights, being very thorough. You need to take care of the fog, so do not stop until all the fog in the headlights is gone. This should not take too long (though it might take a bit of effort); eventually, you will have properly removed the fog from your headlights—but now you need to take care of the little side effect. Apply some rubbing compound on your clean cloth, and rub the clear headlights so that you can buff it back to its original, shiny state.

    If it doesn’t look buffed enough for you, then simply add more rubbing compound to your cloth and do it again. In fact, do it as many times as you wish until the headlights look as if they were brand new.

There are also other ways of dealing with foggy headlights. You can purchase a restoration kit specific to headlights from any local auto parts shop (which will do the job just as well), or perhaps if you wish your headlights to look its absolute best, you could try out an electric buffer. It is more expensive than just purchasing thousand-grade sandpaper, but it is still worth the purchase, as your headlights will probably fog again.


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