How To Fix Rust Holes on a Car

If there are rust holes in your car, you need to fix these immediately before these get even bigger. Also, cars are being inspected by the state and to make sure you pass the inspection, act immediately if you see even just one rust hole. The process may seem very hard, but the truth is, you can actually do it yourself even if you don’t have any experience in fixing cars.

Here are the steps you need to do to fix rust holes in your car.

  • Prepare the things that you will need in fixing the rust holes. These are sandpapers, paint, socket set, brush, auto body repair kit, sheet metal, rivets, sealant, metal blade, rivet gun, tin snips and grinder.
  • Choose a location to fix your car. The place should be leveled to make sure that the car will not move. You can also use a jack to support the car so that you can easily reach the area to be fixed. If you don’t have a jack, you can use any stand as long as it’s strong enough to support the car.
  • Remove the things inside the car. If you have rust holes on the floor of the car, you need to remove the carpet and seats first before starting to fix the holes. This is to make sure that all holes will be covered. You can use a wrench to remove these.
  • Remove the rusted part. You need to remove the rusted part of the hole. To do this, use a grinder with metal sanding wheel. Once the rusted part is removed, make sure the edges are smooth by grinding these.
  • Cut metal to put on hole. Get a piece of metal and cut it so that it is wider than the hole for about ¼ inch. Apply tar sealant on the edges of the hole and metal. After about ten minutes, attach the metal to the hole so that the metal will cover the hole on your car. Use the rivet gun to secure the metal in place.
  • Use an auto body repair kit. You can use Bondo kit for your rust holes. This is usually used in auto body work. Prepare the mixture by following the instructions of the manufacturer and apply this on the edge of the hole. Let it dry. Once it’s dry, use a sandpaper to smooth the edge.
  • Paint the area. Once the edge is smooth, you can now paint the area with a primer. Let it dry for about half an hour. Once totally dry, paint the area with the color that matches the color of your car. Make sure to spray the paint evenly and let it dry.

Don’t forget to wear your hand gloves and goggles when doing the steps. This is to protect your hands and eyes from the materials and chemicals used in fixing the rust holes in your car. You also need to consider the temperature when fixing the rust holes. This is because the chemicals and materials may take time to dry if the temperature is too hot or cold. The ideal temperature for this is 6o to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.


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