How To Get a Personalized License Plate in Illinois

Forget the dog; man’s real best friend is the car. Men spend more time customizing and taking care of their car more than they do themselves. And they’ll detail everything, from the fuzzy dice hanging from the rearview mirror to the rims on their wheels; everything on the car speaks volumes about the owner. And the first thing they customize often is the license plate. This is an opportunity to them to let the people who see the car learn something about the owner. Whether they see themselves as menacing loners or as funny jokesters, it’s all spelled out for everyone to see on their personalized license plate.

Before you get a personalized license plate, understand that each state has different rules and regulations and stipulations regarding personalized license plates. Familiarize yourself with those of the State of Illinois. They are found in this website: Read and understand the rules and regulations regarding registered vehicles at

With that information learned, you can go ahead and personalize your plates. In the great state of Illinois, here’s how you can get a personalized license plate:

  • Download. From the second site above, download form # VSD414.14 this is the personalized license plate form. You need to read and understand the instructions printed on the first and second pages. Keep in mind that you’re dealing with an office that is pretty specific regarding the rules regarding their forms. Make sure you fill up all of the necessary fields and that you understand what kind of documentation is required of you. Make a mistake in any of their requirements and you’ll have to go through the entire tedious process again.
  • Print. After downloading, you need to print out the form and remove the application portion at the appropriate sections.
  • Fill in the necessary personal fields. Make sure you clearly print your personal information like name, address and contact numbers. It is best that you give them your mobile number as they can call you anytime and the quicker you answer their calls, the quicker you can move the application along.
  • Provide information about your vehicle. Clearly print the information about your vehicle like registration number, insurance number, make, model and other such pertinent info.
  • Indicate your personalized license plates. You’ll be allowed to make your own license plate so write them down as clearly as possible to avoid any kind of confusion. They’ll be checking this against already registered vehicles and if that license plate is available, you can get it. It is best that you pick three and indicate them in order of preference.
  • Plate type. Finally, you’ll need to select your plate type.
  • Make a copy. At this point, it’s best that you make a photocopy of the application form.
  • Send. After doing that and making sure that your forms are filled up appropriately, mail the filled up form to Secretary of State, Vehicle Services Department, 501 S. Second St., Rm. 524, Springfield, Illinois 62756.
  • Round 2. The Office of the Secretary of State will send you another application, fill that up and send within 45 days. You can use the copy you made in step 7 as a reference to make sure there is no discrepancies in your application form.

Nothing to it, right? As a closing reminder, make sure that the information is correct and printed clearly in all application forms to avoid any kind of hassle.


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