How To Get Basic Car Detailing Equipment

Cleaning your car can be a pain sometimes, but it needs to be done. However there are some enthusiasts that do enjoy cleaning and detailing cars, whether they do it for their own vehicles or for business purposes. Regardless, you need to have cleaning and basic detailing equipment to do what you need to do. You, however, need to be well-versed with car detailing materials and equipment. Applying the wrong chemical on the exterior of your car can yield to damaging results. Here are some lists and suggestions on what to get, and how to get them.

  • Make a checklist. Create a list of what items you need to get. Remember, detailing for exterior and the interior of your car are totally different from one another. Chemicals used for cleaning the inside of your vehicle differ from detailing the body. Write down what each item does and how to use it properly.
  • Purchase the equipment.  You can buy your equipment in auto specialty shops for the chemicals, and hardware or appliance stores for the rest. Websites such as and also sell car detailing merchandise that you can browse online. You can also get some items from, as the site offers new and used parts that are being sold by individuals or independent dealers.
  • Know what to get. To effectively detail or clean vehicles, you will need the right stuff. First, purchase a pressure washer or a compressor that connects to your hose to expel highly-pressurized water. A strong stream of water will help get grime, settled dust and tar removed from the car. Otherwise, if you are only using ordinary water pressure from the faucet, then the task ahead of you will be really difficult. Next, you will have to buy a wet/dry vacuum cleaner that absorbs both fluid on wet spots and excess dirt for the car interior.  Other items that you will need to acquire are cleaning mitts, a dual-action orbital car polisher and non-abrasive cloths for applying wax and other chemicals.

Of course, you also need to purchase the chemicals needed for detailing. With so many brands to choose from, it is often difficult to determine which ones to get. A trusted brand you can also opt for is Meguiar’s. With over a century of experience, the name that Meguiar’s carries is one you can rely on. Their website, lists all the detailing waxes, glazes and chemicals that you need.

In conclusion, you have to be well-informed, knowledgeable and equipped to be able to detail cars. If you are an amateur and you are doing this for your own vehicle, then you must carefully follow instructions on how to use the equipment. It isn’t exactly rocket science but still, there is no harm in being careful at all. If you are planning on doing this professionally, then you must know everything there is to know about auto detailing. Even a small mistake could be very damaging for your reputation. Your clients entrust you to take the best care in handling their cars, and it is your obligation to do so. Now that you have the information, it’s up to you to make the next step. Good luck!


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