How To Get Money for Your Scrap Car

Your car breaks down and will cost more to fix than it’s worth—time to scrap your car and move on. You think your car is worth less dead than alive, but you may be wrong. Depending on the make and model it could generate some decent money. Before you scrap your potential down payment on your next car try these tips.

  • Are your tabs current? Check with your state’s Licensing Department to see if they refund unused license fees or allow license transfers to another vehicle you own.
  • Sell your scrap car parts by posting an ad at sites like Craigslist or eBay with the words: “Parting out Scrap Car (insert year, make and model of your vehicle)” in the title. In the ad, provide details about the condition of major mechanical, body and cosmetic parts. If the tires and wheels are in good condition, remove them and sell separately. Any stereo and sound equipment Old caralso brings more money if sold separately. Ads with photos have more appeal.
  • Let buyers make offers. You can find average prices by searching for the same scrap parts you’re selling—keep your price in mid-range and be willing to accept lower offers. After all, the idea is to sell your scrap vehicle and earn some money rather than pay someone for car disposal fees.
  • It is common practice for buyers to come prepared with tools and remove parts from your scrap vehicle, but be sure to mention this in your ad. Accept green cash only and do not allow strangers in your garage.
  • Call your local auto parts and ask if they buy used batteries. In 2009, many were paying about ten dollars per returned battery. If you can’t recycle it and it’s still good, then use it in another vehicle you own. Drain any salvageable fuel from the fuel tank. Use it to power your lawn mower. Both these tips save you money and should be completed prior to vehicle disposal anyhow.
  • After you’ve sold all the scrap parts you can, then it’s time to get your vehicle to a scrapyard for disposal. Call local recycling yards first, not all take car bodies. Ask the current price per ton they are paying, which changes daily. If you have the means and it’s worth your time and expense, haul it yourself. Otherwise, call a hauler that pays you for your vehicle—only use the free-hauler as a last resort. 


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