How To Get Out of Tight Parking Spaces

It can be really hard to get out of a small parking space when both ends of your car are blocked by other cars. The best way to get out of these tight spaces is to maneuver back and forth if there is enough space.

Turning the wheel right or left depending on the parking space before maneuvering is the key to get out. This will make it easier for you especially on small parking spaces because it will give you a proper swing when backing. If there is no enough space to maneuver, it is much harder. Here are the following steps that will help you get out small and tight parking spaces.

Tips on how to get out of tight parking spaces:

  • Check the space around your car and estimate how much room you have to maneuver. If your car is near a curb and you don't have enough space in front and in the back to maneuver, get out by using the side. For the curb, steer away from it as much as possible; just steer the wheel to the left and then very slowly move forward.

    Remember to keep the wheel straight while moving forward. This process will move your front wheel closer to the gutter and your back wheels away from it. If the space is not enough and you want to maneuver more, repeat the process on getting away from the curb. If you got have enough space for you to get out, consult the next instruction.

  • Steer to the left if you want to get out through the left side and to the right if you're trying to leave the other way. If you steer your wheel left, your front wheels will go left and go straight. After moving forward a little bit, move your wheels to the right and back down. Watch the cars in front of you and behind you while you maneuver. Also observe the cars passing before back down and up. Repeat the process until your front tire can get out of the tight parking space and off you go.

What if the front and back side of your car doesn't leave any space for you to get out? Here is some advices and tips how to deal with this problem.

Tips on how to get out of a very tight squeeze:

  • If your car is bumper to bumper with other cars, bump one very gently to get out. It is their problem because they parked their cars and didn't leave any space for you to get out. Get in your car and step on the gas pedal lightly to avoid major damage to your car and to the car in front of you. If necessary, do the same with the rear car.
  • Don't just leave the cars you bumped. When you got the space for you to get out, make a note about parking correctly. If you want to chat with them, wait for them to come and mention the problem you had with their car and tell them the problem. If there is no noticeable damage on your car and their car, give them some advice on parking so next time, they don't park that way.


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