How To Get Swirl Marks Out of Car Paint

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You may have had your car newly painted. But when you look closely - are those swirl marks? If you're bothered by swirl marks that are visible specially when the sun directly touches down on the affected area, be encouraged by the fact that it's relatively easy to do something about it. Here are some of the steps to get swirl marks out of car paint:           

Decide whether you're going to remove the swirl marks by hand or using tools. If you don't have tools for removing swirl marks off your car, know that you could effectively remove them manually.

If you choose to remove the swirl marks manually, you'd need the following materials: a good swirl remover product, such as Meguiar's Direct ScratchX and Meguiar's high-tech applicator pad. But whatever product you use, you should make sure that they are not too abrasive that they will cause scratches along your car's finish.

If you choose to remove the swirl marks through the use of specialized tools, you could purchase a swirl remover system such as Meguiar's Quik Clay Detailing System, which consists of cutting pads, foam polishing pads, finishing pads, cleaner polish, speed glaze and microfiber. Simply follow the instructions available with the package. The good news about using this system is that you'd need less time to get the swirl marks out of your car paint.

Wash your car thoroughly. Use a good car-wash solution to wash your car, and make sure that you dry it thoroughly with a soft towel.

Know the proper working conditions. Do this project under the shade, and avoid working in high humidity or in high temperatures. The range 50 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit (10 to 27 degrees Celsius) should be ideal.

Know how to apply the product properly to the car. If you're going to remove the swirl marks manually, know that your success will lie mostly with the way you apply and rub the product to the affected area. First of all, you should apply the product a section at a time. Make sure also that you spread the product evenly throughout the affected area.

Rub the applicator pad against the finishing of the car paint, and make sure that you place enough pressure that the swirl marks will begin to diminish as you rub. You could either rub in circular or straight motions; you don't really have to be consistent about it; the important thing is that you rub the affected area thoroughly.

Use a microfiber pad to remove the product. After you've rubbed the product in, use another clean, microfiber pad to remove the product and buff the car's finish. You may need to repeat the application/ buffing process about 3 times, until the swirl marks have dissipated.

Use a good car polish. To protect the car and enhance its shine, apply a good car polish, concentrating on the area that you just treated.

There you have it! These are some handy steps to help you get the swirl marks out of car paint. As you admire your car's new glossy finish, you could bet that all your effort was well worth it. Good luck, and hope this helped you out!


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