How To Get the Best Price on a BMW

So you've got some cash to spare, and there's nothing you'd like to spend it on more than a roaring new BMW. The elegant design, the luxurious interiors, and the excellent machinery within - it's a car worth drooling over. Before you go out and buy one, though, tuck your tongue back into your mouth and think for a second. Yes, you've decided you want to invest in a BMW, and are willing to part with a hefty amount of money to get behind the wheel, but don't you want to make sure you're getting the most for your money? If you're going to buy yourself your dream car, you're still going to want to get the best deal possible.

There a number of ways you can get the best price for a BMW. One way is to visit a reputable dealer around the end of the year. Key months are November, December, and January. Dealers are more likely to provide discounts so they can clear the year's inventory for next year's model. You'll still be getting a brand new car, but for thousands of dollars less just because it was last year's inventory. Head to the dealership and try to negotiate for the lowest price possible on that model you've been eyeing for quite some time. You'll find that the dealer will be more than willing to cooperate. Plus, a shiny new BMW would make for an extremely good Christmas present - for yourself.

If you don't have the cash for a new car on hand, avoid financing your new BMW via a bank as much as possible. Go through a credit union instead. They give the best interest rates in this case. Credit unions, unlike banks, aren't looking to make a profit, so you will always get better interest rates with these member-sponsored organizations than you would with banks. Consult several credit unions and find out which one has the best interest rate for car loans. If you like, you can also apply for membership to these unions to try to get a better deal. Membership requirements are typically simple, so you can apply without worrying about membership restrictions.

In getting a good price for a BMW, it is essential that you get quotes from several dealers. Go to a dealer and haggle over the price of your future car. Work out the best deal possible, and then get it in writing. After you've done that, head on over to another dealer and inquire about deals for the same model. Openly compare the new deal with the quote you got from the previous dealer, and ask the new dealer if he can beat the price. After a bit of negotiation, the new dealer will settle on a final price. If it's higher than the quote from the previous dealer, politely decline and move on. Repeat this process until you've had enough of going from dealer to dealer and haggling. When you're done, step back, sit down, and examine all the written quotes before deciding on which deal would be best for you. Enjoy your new BMW!


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