How To Get Your Belongings from a Repossessed Car

So, it seems you have gotten yourself into a jam.  The repo man has arrived and sequestered your beloved jalopy.  Obviously, the bank or financial institution where you got the financing for your car has perused the history of your account and have found out that you have sorely missed the last few payments.  This neglect has led them to the point that repossessing your car is the only viable option to get back the money you owe them.  The only problem is that you still have personal stuff inside the car that you were not able to remove before it was repossessed.  Here are some steps that you can take to get those items back without too much hassle and worry.

Know your rights.  Most people that have left their personal belongings inside the car repossessed by your creditor will think that getting the stuff is next to impossible.  However, the law actually prohibits the repo man or the creditor to touch anything that is not related to the car.  For instance, if you left your laptop, bag, or even a small pillow, you are legally entitled to get this back since it has nothing to do with the repossessed vehicle.  This means that the repo place or yard cannot prohibit you in any way from retrieving these items from the car.  Yes, they can and probably will be difficult to deal with but if you know your rights and bring a policeman to escort you, there should not be any problem with it.

Contact your creditor.  Once your beloved vehicle has been sequestered, the best thing to do is to call the financial institution that financed your vehicle.  This can be a bank, a credit business, or the actual car dealership.  Call them up and politely explain the situation to them.  Tell them that you left some personal items inside the car when it was repossessed and that you would want to retrieve them.  Ask for the address and contact number of the repossession yard where the car is being stored.  This is usually a third party car lot however, some institutions will have their own garage or place for storage so, make sure that you get the right contact number and address.

Contact the repo yard.  As soon as you get the information of the repo yard, dial them and talk to the person in charge.  Explain the situation to them and request for a scheduled time where they can escort you to the car to retrieve your belongings.  If they resist or become brash on the phone, be patient and tell them that you are legally entitled to these items and that if they resist, you will report them to the police. 

On the appointed schedule, visit the repo yard and make sure to bring the car keys since the yard will probably not have any keys to open the car.  To avoid hostility, it would be wise to get a policeman to escort you in the premises.  The repo men will not resist if the police presence is visible. 


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