How To Hide Money in Your Car

If you need to stow your dough in your car, you need to think of some creative ways to conceal your cash. These are a few suggestions to help you hide money in your car.

Step 1

Make a marker safe. You can make an inexpensive and inconspicuous safe to leave in your car that no one will ever suspect of having money in it. Here's what you need to do in order to make a safe that will help you hide money in your car.

First gather your supplies. To make this money safe for your car, you'll need the following items:

  • Needle-nose pliers
  • a fat marker (such as an Expo marker)
  • a paper towel
  • some paper money

Use the pliers to remove the end of the marker. Then remove the ink cartridge and place it on the paper towel. This will leave you with a hollow marker. Simply roll up your money and insert it into the hollow of your marker, and re-insert the end of your marker. Keep this marker in your car and no one will ever think to look for hidden money in it.

Step 2

Hide your money under a junk pile in your console. If you've got a messy console, then you can easily hide money in your car's console. Simply lift up the junk in your console and tuck your money in between your things. Papers, CDs and other miscellaneous items should then be used to cover your hidden money. If a thief were to open your car's console looking for hidden money, he just might be turned off by the mess and stop searching for your hidden money. If you prefer more concealed options though, this probably isn't the best money-hiding option for you.

Step 3

Consider your glove box. You have a lot of paperwork that you keep in your glove box, like your insurance paperwork, your owner's manual and even a bunch of auto repair bills. Consider tucking money in with the pages of your documents. If you can conceal it enough, even someone leafing through your glove box won't realize that you've got money hidden in there.

Step 4

Use a CD case. Another great place to hide money in your car is in a CD case. If you keep enough of them in your car, a thief won't even think to look inside of them for hidden money. Consider a CD case as a kind of safe. Tuck some bills under a CD, or in the CD's pamphlet. Even if a thief were to open that CD case, he might not notice any concealed money if you've got it in these spots.

Step 5

Use your seat pockets. The back pocket of each seat in your car is a great place to hide money. Just make sure you use the ‘conceal it in some paper' technique. Place your bills among the pages of a book or some paperwork and slide it into the pocket behind your seat. A thief will assume that it's only a book and won't waste the time searching it further. It's just one more place you can hide money in your car that isn't obvious during a break-in.


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