How To Hire a Limousine

Hiring a limousine, especially for proms and other formal events, can be quite tricky. The tips below should help you hire a limo that would best suit your needs.

  • Do not book the cheapest limousine that you can find. This is a very common mistake of first time limousine riders. Typically, the cheapest limousine would be the worst maintained and mot uncomfortable vehicle in the company’s line up, which would defeat the purpose of why you are hiring a limousine in the first place. Remember that comfort of the ride is a big role and since you will be spending a considerable amount of money anyway, make sure that the ride will be very much worth it.
  • Asking for insurance and license to operate. The number one thing you need to know is if the limousine service is legitimate. Make sure that they are a registered company with an updated set of licenses. Insurance coverage would also be a very important thing to have.
  • Check the list of previous clients. If possible, get a list of previous customers for the limousine service, so that you would know the extent of their services. A list of reputable and happy customers is important since this will tell you that the limo service is credible.
  • Check for membership options. A potentially cheaper and easier way to rehire a limo service is if they have some membership options. If you see yourself hiring another limo in the near future, then it might be to your benefit if you sign up for membership, even if there is a minimal fee to it. Membership will give you discounts on your limo service and on most cases, priority over other customers when booking the limo that you want.
  • Ask for chauffeur screening. It is important that the chauffeur is licensed and passed a background check since in most cases, a limo ride starts and ends at the home of the client. You can never be too sure or too safe.
  • Check out the limousine. Once you feel that you are quite happy with the selection of the limo company, ask if you can see the actual limo that you want to hire. This will give you additional time to ask questions regarding the vehicle and at the same time, you will see up close if this is something that suits you and your needs.
  • Inquire about the rates and the hourly extensions. List your itinerary. Once you’ve seen the limo, ask the service provider about his rates and how much the hourly extensions would cost you, just in case you go over the regular specified time of rental. It would be helpful to list out your itinerary for the company to be able to give you a more accurate quotation since most companies include the gasoline expenses in their rates.
  • Last but not the least, ask for the contract and read it well. When you have decided which limousine you want to rent, ask for a contract for the services that you want to avail and make sure that you read it very well before signing it. Check rescheduling clauses and other items under the “acts of God” agreement.

And there you have it! You should be on your way to riding that limo with peace of mind and a happy experience.


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