How To Hook Up Trailer Lights

A trailer is very portable. It serves different purposes. It can be great for personal use. You can use it on activities like camping because it offers extra space for your trip. This means more room for your family to enjoy. They are perfect for traveling extended periods on the road. You can save a lot of money because you do not have to check in any motels. Some people use trailers for business purposes. They use it to transport heavy objects. However, when using trailers, you need to have working trailer lights. Since you will be pulling a trailer with you, you need trailer lights for safety. This is because the trailer might block the view from behind, and people following you may not see your brake lights if you stop suddenly. Installing trailer lights is not difficult. All you need to do is follow the steps below.

Here are steps on how to hook up trailer lights:

  • Check your vehicle for a tow package. Your vehicle needs a tow bar to connect electrical wiring essential for hooking up trailer lights. If your vehicle has one, you can instantly connect the trailer lights to your car. However, if you have none, you need to install one. It is easy to install a tow bar. You just have to follow the instructions in your tow bar manual. However, you should make sure that the tow bar you bought is compatible to your car. You may also buy a universal fit tow bar. This kind of tow bar fits different car models.
  • Check your vehicle connections. Before you purchase a wiring kit, you need to check the connections on your vehicle first. First, determine the shape of your vehicle connection. This can either be round, flat or square. Second, check the number of inserts in your vehicle connection. There are different types of trailer connectors. Some vehicles have a four-way insert. This is the most common type. Other types are five-way, six-way and seven-way.
    Keep in mind these two things before purchasing a trailer connector. After determining the connections on your vehicle, purchase a trailer connector. Use the mentioned guidelines before buying. It is imperative that you buy a connector that is compatible with your vehicle.
  • Install the taillights. Find a spot where you can mount the lights. The kit usually comes with a harness to connect the light to the trailer. Make sure it is long enough to secure the connector properly. The trailer connector should go directly onto the trailer. You might need some extra wire if the harness comes up short.
  • Testing. This is the final step. This will ensure that the trailer lights you installed are working properly. Start by turning your vehicle’s engine on. You can also ask someone to help you check the lights. Press the brake pad in your vehicle. Ask your friend to see if the brake lights are functioning well. Also, check the blinker lights. Use the left and right blinker.

Installing your own trailer lights may seem like a big job, but it is actually not that much of a bother. All you need is some patience. These simple steps will make it easier for you to install your lights. If you happen to have a trailer connector with you, but it is not compatible with your vehicle connections, you might want to consider buying a trailer adapter. You can use an adapter to match the ends of the connectors. You can easily purchase these adapters in your local Radio Shack stores.


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