How To Improve the Gas Mileage for a Nissan Pathfinder

A Nissan Pathfinder was introduced as a compact two-door SUV in 1987. It underwent some modifications in 1990 and then finally settled as a middle size SUV in 1996. Its last modification happened in 2005. Despite, all these improvements and modifications, gas mileage has never been a plus point of the Nissan Pathfinder. Consequently, it has always been a popular topic online on how to improve it. Here are some tips you can use in improving your Pathfinder’s gas mileage.

  • Avoid driving aggressively. You have to be conscious on when to step on the gas. It will cost you more than the intended if you step on the gas aggressively during acceleration. You can save at least 30% or more on the mileage if you will lighten up on your driving.
  • Plan carefully your car’s acceleration and deceleration. This is more commonly attributed to smooth driving. Instead of aiming for the speed limit as fast as your pump will allow, try taking your time and opt for a gradual increase in speed. Likewise, should you come to a stop, do not wait for the last minute in applying the brakes. Instead, prepare for a red light ahead by stepping off the gas and just step on the brakes afterward to slow it more down.
  • Apply some concepts in physics. Keep in mind how gravity and momentum work. These concepts can be applied to driving and can consequently improve your gas mileage. Momentum can be used when approaching a steep incline on the driveway. Gradually building up the speed will allow momentum to aid its acceleration reducing the need for you to step on the gas. Meanwhile, when driving downhill, let gravity help you to accelerate downward.
  • Turn off the engine when you are on idle. This means on occasion when you stop for something and you know it would take more than a minute. You can turn off the engine for a while. This may probably mean you are waiting for somebody or you are waiting in line. In cold climates, you may start the car in advance to warm it up a bit before use. But to improve gas mileage, you may let your car get warm as you use it. You just simply have to dress warmer.
  • Drive slower. Driving just below the speed limit will not only improve your gas mileage but will also save you from the hassle of speeding tickets as well as increase your safety levels. If you are not in a hurry, it is best for you to slow down to save more. You just have to stay on the slow lane, to avoid irritating other drivers who would like to speed up.
  • Regularly maintain your car. A Nissan Pathfinder has to have its check-up from a Nissan mechanic every time it reaches 3,750 miles. Learn more about Nissan Pathfinder maintenance information plans using a Nissan maintenance guide. It is during this kind of maintenance that problems like low transmission, dirty air filter and sticky calipers are corrected. These kinds of problems are very detrimental to your gas mileage. It is also during maintenance that the car’s oil is changed every 3000 miles, no matter what kind of oil you use.
  • Check your tires. A flat tire can drag you down. It will take more energy from your car to rotate them if your tires are not on their recommended air levels. It is wise for you to check your tires on a monthly basis or before going to long trips.

A responsible driver is also a smart and thrifty one. The steps above are not only meant to improve your Nissan Pathfinder’s gas mileage but your car’s overall status as well.


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