How To Improve the Gas Mileage on a Nissan Sentra

Nissan Sentra automobiles are known as gas savers. You can save fuel if you are driving in a busy city or a free highway. There are steps that you must take to optimize your mileage in every gallon of fuel. Your car maintenance procedure and your driving style are some of the aspects that can affect your gas mileage. Below are steps and guides on how to improve your gas mileage on your Nissan Sentra.

  • Have your Nissan Sentra undergo regular routine check-up. The check-up must be at recommended intervals. Optimize your car engine by properly maintaining it and changing its filter and car oil regularly. Good conditioned filters can improve your gas mileage up to ten percent. Use a proper oil grade for your car. Determine the proper oil grade from your car owner’s manual. Through proper car tune-up, you will experience dramatic improvement in your fuel economy. If you are experiencing grave troubles and you doubt your technical skills, consult a certified car technician or visit the nearest Nissan Sentra repair shop.
  • Use the check engine light of your Nissan Sentra. The warning indicator will tell you if there is a system or component in the emission control system that is not working properly. Your car might be experiencing problems if the light is illuminating.
  • Don’t use hard acceleration. Gas pedal mashing and unneeded passing will dramatically lessen your car fuel. Remember that fine driving will considerably improve your gas mileage. Besides saving gas, smooth driving will also ensure your road safety.
  • Don’t drive fast if it’s not needed. The faster your acceleration, the more fuel your car will consume. Focus on your speed limit so you can optimize your fuel. Utilize the cruise control whenever possible so you can improve your gas mileage. Also, don’t gun your car engine if the traffic light is green so you can increase your fuel mileage by 5 percent.
  • Keep the tires of your car in perfect condition. The tires must be properly inflated before you travel because under-inflated tires will lessen your fuel economy. Check your tire pressure gauge each time you fill your fuel tank. The air pressure that is needed by your car must be indicated besides the driver’s seat. Consult your car owner’s manual to determine the proper tire pressure for your Nissan Sentra.
  • Don’t carry much weight when you travel. Having bulky items in your back seat or trunk while in a long travel can reduce your fuel economy. Clear the unneeded clutter in your trunk before traveling. The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) states that 100 lbs of car trunk weight will reduce your fuel mileage by 2 percent.
  • In buying fuel, avoid fuel additives and related ingredients. Check the website of your preferred car oil to identify if the fuel you’re using or planning to use has additives.

Nissan Sentra is famous for its overall reliability. You just need to maintain it properly and execute the given measures so you can improve your gas mileage.


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