How To Increase Fuel Economy on a Duramax Diesel

Isuzu and General Motors are responsible for creating the Duramax family of diesel engines. These engines are obviously made for horsepower, not fuel economy. There’s no doubt about that because Duramax is specifically engineered for light trucks and medium duty trucks. But that doesn’t mean you should rely on the manufacturer’s specifications and settings. As the owner, you have all the right to modify the Duramax engine to make it more fuel efficient.

Try these specific ways on increasing fuel economy on Duramax diesel:

  • Exhaust system upgrade. Do this yourself if you have enough knowledge on the exhaust system and how it works. If not, let a professional mechanic do the upgrade for you. Upgrading means investing money but it will be a worthy investment in the long run. Have at least the 4-inch pipe for the exhaust system.
  • Buy gas-saving kits. But be careful when buying these products. Some are truly reliable for increasing fuel economy but many are bogus products.
  • Slow down as much as possible. In this fast-paced world, going slow is never practical. But what if you know that driving your vehicle at 60 mph will save up to four miles of gas per gallon. That is compared to only 70 mph. Just imagine how many more miles you are wasting by running faster than that.
  • Don’t accelerate or stop your vehicle so quickly. Frequent, quick acceleration and sudden stopping of the vehicle consumes more fuel. Plus, doing these hurts your tires and brakes. Instead, accelerate the vehicle slowly and step on the brake over longer distance. This should do the trick for slow acceleration and slow braking.
  • Turn off your engine if not needed. Even a minute of waiting inside your vehicle will save a lot of fuel if you turn off your engine. Besides, why do you need to continue turning on your engine? You only need that when hitting the road. Some say that starting the engine also consumes fuel. That is true. But you consume more fuel if the engine is left turned on for more than 30 seconds.
  • Don’t turn on the air conditioner with the windows open. You’re letting the good air escape if you do that. The engine has to work harder again and that means, it has to consume more fuel.
  • Get a credit card from your favorite gas station. It’s a good way to save some cents every gallon. Make sure, though, that you pay off your bills on time or else, you might end up paying more for the gas.
  • Properly seal the tank with the gas cap. About 147 million gallons of fuel are wasted every year because of improperly sealed gas caps.
  • Use the cheapest fuel that your Duramax vehicle can tolerate. You have to check your manual for this. Every car can run on specific fuel types only. Check what kinds of fuel your vehicle can run with and consider using the cheapest.

Lastly, do not use your vehicle if possible. Walking, riding the bicycle, and taking the public transit are cheaper than driving your vehicle. You’ll also get exercise and you’ll help achieve a greener world.


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