How To Increase MPG in Your Dodge Cummins Pickup

Do you drive a Dodge Cummins pickup? If you do, you must be very happy with your vehicle. Dodge Cummins pickups are a joy to drive and they can take you almost anywhere. But, as with any vehicle, Dodge Cummins pickups use fuel—which means the higher miles per gas (MPG) you have, the more you can get from your Dodge Cummins pickup.

If you like to know ways of how to increase your Dodge Cummins pickup’s MPG, read the following tips below:

  • Drive efficiently. The easiest way to get better mileage from your Dodge Cummins pickup is by driving efficiently. Drive at reasonable speeds and use cruise control when driving on the freeway. Remember that whenever you step your foot on the gas pedal, more fuel is injected into your pickup to enable your vehicle’s gears to work harder. Also, propelling big and heavy vehicles like Dodge Cummins pickups forward at break-neck speeds require a lot more fuel than smaller and lighter cars.
  • Purchase quality fuel. With the economy on the rocks, it is tempting to buy cheap fuel to save money. However, cheap fuels are inefficient and unfriendly to your vehicle’s engine. Because of this, opt to buy quality fuel to maximize your Dodge Cummins’ mileage and to keep it running smoothly for a long time.
  • Use good synthetic engine oil. As with buying quality fuel, purchasing good synthetic oil for your Dodge Cummins pickup will improve its MPG by increasing engine efficiency and decreasing engine resistance. To top these off, your vehicle will also have cleaner emissions.
  • Ensure that your tires have enough air pressure. Another way of increasing the MPG of your vehicle is by ensuring that your tires are filled up to their recommended air pressure. Tires don’t only make vehicles move; they also absorb the weight of vehicles. If your tires don’t have enough air pressure, they will not be able to cushion your vehicle’s weight properly. This creates resistance that makes your vehicle’s gears work harder and consume more fuel.
  • Make your vehicle more aerodynamic. You can increase the MPG of your Dodge Cummins pickup by modifying it in such a way that it reduces drag. One example of this kind of modification is blocking the top part of your vehicle’s grill. This method is effective and a lot of trucks have been doing this already. Make sure that you still leave most of the grill’s opening uncovered, though, to avoid overheating. Another modification is to have a bed cover installed to your pickup. Bed covers don’t just protect your pickup’s bed from dust and prying eyes of people, they also reduce air resistance.
  • Use aftermarket devices. There are several devices produced by car parts companies that improve mileage and boost engine performance. Examples of these devices are free flow exhaust systems and performance programmers. Free flow exhaust systems ease your vehicle’s airflow resulting to improved engine efficiency and fuel mileage. Performance programmers, meanwhile, control boost pressure, fuel delivery, transmission, injector timing, and rev limiter, allowing efficient fuel consumption. 

If you’re experiencing even a small problem with your Dodge Cummins pickup, don’t hesitate to have it checked. Little engine problems get worse the longer you wait to have them repaired.


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