How To Install a Car Security System

A security alarm system can be a very valuable asset in keeping your property safe from thieves.  There are professionals that are available to install the system for a fee, but a lot of money could be saved by installing the system yourself.  There are many things that need to be thought out before investing money, like what kind of system is adequate to fit my needs. Security car systems includes parts like glass break sensors, siren, auto lock, air horns, flashing lights, ignition starter/kill, paging, strobes, microwave detectors, etc.

  1. The first step would be to go to a reputable dealer who sells security alarm systems. Purchase a system that is adequate for your needs. Ask salesperson any basic questions that you have about the different systems available.
  2. Lay out all of the materials needed for installation like a drill, double sided mounting tape, screws, screw driver, soldering iron, soldering material, test light, voltmeter, wire cutters and instruction manual. Carefully study the instruction manual that comes with the alarm.
  3. Place the security system on a sturdy metal surface and drill a hold to pass the wires coming from the system into the compartment area of the car.  Next, connect the alarm wires to the car battery to see if the siren is operating properly.  The standard place to mount the siren is under the hood making sure that the horn of the siren is facing downward toward the ground  to keep the moisture out, but it also can be mounted in the inner fender.
  4. Place a fuse on the power cable close to the battery.  Refer to the installation manual to determine the fuse size to use. Refer to the installation manual and install the shock sensor as described. Under the dash would be the ideal place for the sensor.
  5. Drill a hold in the dash for the installation of the LED indicators.  Pass the cables through the holes and put the two sided mounting tape at the backside of the indicators and then position over the holes created on the dash.
  6. Locate the wires that operate the car's power door locks.
  7. The door lock relays should now be connected to the lock/unlock wires.  After this done, connect the relay to the alarm wire.
  8. Locate and connect the factory door trigger to alarm.
  9. To secure any hanging wires, use tie wraps and place under the dash.
  10. Now set the alarm and test its performance.

Car security systems may not be able to stop a thief, but it can attract attention to a thief's activities.


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