How To Install a Transmission Flex Plate

Removing and installing a flex plate, normally found in vehicles that have automatic transmissions, is a pretty complicated job involving the removal and detachment of a lot of parts.  Technically, this job should be left to a mechanic but if you really want to learn how to do it, then here are the simplified steps you can follow.

  • Safety first.  Before going through all the steps and procedures involved, you will need to disconnect the power to all the part of the car.  To do this, simply remove the negative cable from the battery.  At the same time, you would do well to detach all the power connections to the transmission as well.  Simply unplug the lot of them.
  • The bell housing.  Get a drive ratchet with the suitable sockets and remove all the bolts from the bell housing.  The bolts are situated at the top part of the housing found under the hood.
  • The starter. Now that the bell housing has been disengaged, you can take out the starter.  Remove the 2 bolts holding it in place.
  • The gearshift connection.  The gearshift is connected to the transmission through a linkage.  Locate the case of the transmission and the cable connecting the gearshift to it.  Pry the cable out with a screwdriver.
  • The upper transmission mounting.  Removing the bolts mounting the transmission is critical in the process.  Use a ratchet with the right socket and loosen and remove all the bolts.  When that is done, disconnect all the cooler lines to the transmission as well.  If there are any other connections or bolts holding the transmission, remove those as well.  If nothing else is attached, proceed to supporting the engine connecting the support bars of the engine to the fender-wells and attach the engine with chains.
  • The lift.  With everything under the hood done, the next step will be to lift the car on all fours.  Once the car is lifted, remove the two front wheels and proceed with the next steps.
  • The under parts.  There are many things that you will be removing here in succession.
      • The brake calipers.
      • The tie rods.
      • The CV shaft nut and the spindle.
      • The CV drive axle.
      • The torque converter.
      • The speed sensor
  • The transmission.  Once all the above mentioned parts have been removed, you can now pry the transmission apart from the engine and bring it down.  A screwdriver will be needed to do it.  Once the transmission is off, you can now proceed with the removal of the old flex-plate and the installation of the new one.  To do this, simply loosen and remove the bolts at the center of the flex-plate with a ratchet and the suitable socket.  Once that is done, remove the flex-plate and secure the new one in.

Now that your new transmission is sporting a new flex-plate, repeat the steps in reverse in order to assemble your transmission and a large part of your vehicle again.


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