How To Install Airbags

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Car-related accidents are increasing every single year. Thanks to the airbag system installed in every car, some serious injuries are averted. But once an airbag deploys, it cannot be used again. This is where having the knowledge of replacing your car's airbags will come in handy.

1. Practice safety measures.

Before installing the airbag, be sure to turn off the battery and disconnect its negative cable. You have to wait for at least 10 minutes for the capacitor in the airbag's control module to discharge. This is because the capacitor carries enough charge to launch the airbag system in your car in cases where it loses electrical or ignition just before a crash or accident. Another thing is to avoid touching the metal part on the new airbag's connector so as not to accidentally deploy the new airbag with static electricity. Lastly, the airbag fuses have to be deactivated as well. Check your car's manual for the location of the fuses.

2. Before the installation, check for these first.

Firstly, check if your car has a collapsible steering column. It is typically found between the back of the steering wheel and the plastic covering of the column. If the column is damaged, then chances are it needs to be replaced. Next is to replace the clockspring if it has been damaged or burned. The clockspring is the connector where the driver's airbag is plugged in.

3. Install the new airbag.

Firstly, to replace the driver's side airbag, you will need to remove the screws of the steering wheel column and pull out the airbag until you get to see the backside that has wires. Afterwards, undo the airbag by unplugging it from the wires. Finally, plug the new airbag into the wire and replace the steering wheel column. To replace a passenger's side airbag, unscrew all the bolts to remove the main dash panels or glovebox, slide out and unplug the old airbag. Afterwards, wire the new airbag into the plug, slide it back in and put the main dash panels or glovebox back in place with the bolts.

4. Perform the finishing touches.

Hook up the airbag fuses and the car battery's negative cable.

Installing new airbags can be done easily by those comfortable working with handyman's tools and adequate mechanical know-how. If you think you can not pull this off, then it would be better to enlist a professional's help. The small labor cost you will have to shoulder is nothing compared to having the peace of mind that your family is one step ahead of avoiding grave physical injuries during a crash.


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