How To Install Brake Pads on a Ford F150

Replacing brake pads on any car is part of its maintenance that you need to keep safe and to make sure that you have your vehicle in tip top condition. Newer cars will have disc brakes. Because your Ford F150 is a larger sized car and weighs more than a sedan, you might need to do this more often than the latter. You can ask a mechanic to do it for you, but if you are low on the budget or just a stubborn manly man, you may do it yourself.

  • First thing to do is remove the hub cap of your Ford F150 truck. You will then need to break the lug nuts loose. You can pry the hubcap off by using your trusty crowbar. Turning the nuts to the right will tighten them, while turning the nuts left will loosen them. Use the appropriate sized nut driver. Once loose you may remove the nuts using your hands.
  • Use your car jack to lift the truck allowing the removal of the tire. You can also put wooden or cement blocks as an alternative. Remove your tire and check as well if they are in proper condition (check for piercings). Set the nuts aside. You will use the same set when you put the tire back. Be sure the engine is turned off and that your truck is in park.
  • You will need to use a socket or your 13mm wrench to remove the bolts that clutch the caliper. You will find them both at the hind side near the axle. You will then need to hang the caliper by using a flexible cord.
  • Now you can remove the brake pads by tugging them off. You will notice the two pads are different so make sure which is located where. Now, you’ll have to compress the brake piston by using a C clamp. To avoid damage on the piston, you can use the brake pads you just removed.
  • You may now rest the brake pads on and put back the caliper. Tighten the bolts back by hand first, and then by using your 13mm wrench or whatever you used a while ago when you loosened them. Keep in mind, tight-right and loose-left. For maximum friction on the pads, you will need to be diligent in not putting grease on the pads and rotor surface.
  • Place the tire back on and use the same lug nuts you set aside. Place each one on and tighten using your hand first and an L wrench to finish the job. Place back the hub cap by snapping them on.
  • Remove the bricks from under your car or lower the jack carefully (whichever method you used) to lower your truck. Remove any tool you used from under the car and any debris to avoid accidents.
  • Start up your Ford F150 truck and drive slowly to test how the brake responds. If you need to do the ones on the back, follow the same procedure. They will be slightly different, but the same idea should apply.

You may now drive your truck and go on with your day. Be sure to properly maintain your vehicle for longevity.


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