How To Install Diamond Tire Chains

The grip of diamond tire chains is by far the best for most motorists. The traction it provides scores high in performance. If you have plans to enclose your tires with these chains, there is an alternative to whisking away to your nearest automobile shop. With a careful exploration of the procedure, you can certainly do it yourself. It is important to fit the material properly onto the tires to get maximum efficiency. The following steps will take you through the things you should do during installation.

  • Find parking. Choose a safe and secure workplace, somewhere you can move freely. Activate your parking break during installation. You can also work in your garage or a friend’s, as long as the area satisfies the condition aforementioned.
  • Know your car. You should know whether your car is front wheel, back wheel or all wheel drive. This is to determine where you will mount the chains. If it is front wheel drive, you will absolutely install your chains on the front wheels. The same principle works for back wheels. If your auto is an all wheel drive, select the heavier set, which is usually the pair of front wheels. The front bears the weight of the engine.
  • Slither the chains around the tire. Work the chain around the tire by slithering it inside, with ends pointed outward and toward you. After sliding it within, take the tails of the chain to the top part of the wheel. Assemble all of them together with a metal clasp. Get all the clasps at the top of the chain and connect them to one another. Make sure that all ends are clasped and all clasps are connected. Next, check the chain pressure on the tire. Use a bungee rope to assess this. If you do not have a bungee rope, you should check for an inclusive tensioning chain in your chain purchase.
  • Test drive. After all the chains in the pair of wheels are set, whether front or rear, get in the car and move it to about 15 feet. Tune in to the firmness of the chain on your wheels. If you have to modify the pressure set on your tire, do so. And then perform another test drive. Keep performing adjustments until you are sure that the tightness of the chains will work properly for your automobile. Do not run your car beyond maximum speed. Even though firm, diamond chains will not work for you beyond the speed limit. Also, keep driving to practice yourself in driving with diamond chains on your tires. Finally, the key is to fit your chains properly onto the tire. Tension has to be modified until you get a better grip of your wheels.

Installing diamond chains on your tires is a do-it-yourself thing. You need not pay for it. But you should also bear in mind to be careful, exacting, and excellent in working with your own wheels. After that, you can enjoy driving with them. Having diamond tire chains will definitely change the way your automobile performs on the road. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and hit the road!


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