How To Install Ford Piston Rings

The piston ring, despite its small size, is an important component of your engine. It is the open-ended circular ring that is placed in a groove of a piston in a car engine. Its main purposes are to 1. Seal the combustion chamber, 2. Support the transfer of heat to the cylinder wall from each piston, and 3. Control and minimize utilization of engine oil. Old and damaged piston rings would likely cause higher consumption of engine oil, compression loss, and engine noise. By putting in spanking new piston rings in your Ford automobile, you will feel a boost and power, better fuel consumption, and lower emissions. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can install Ford piston rings.

  • Before installing the piston rings, take all precautions necessary. Here are some things that you might want to check before starting the process. Note that these are just examples, and your safety precautions may vary, depending on your working environment.    
        • Park your ford in a well-lit area so that all parts are visible.
        • If the Ford had been recently used, let it cool off for a bit before replacing the piston rings.
        • For added safety, wear gloves to avoid unnecessary cuts and bruises
        • Make sure that your hands are clean and you don’t have other chemicals that might affect the engine or engine oil.
        • Don’t work in areas with children or pets, as they might disrupt your process, lose things, or you might even hurt them.

  • Clean all three ring grooves before you put the new piston rings. Scrape and scour any fragments, settlements or other waste from the grooves. You can break an old piston ring and use it as your scraper.
  • Locate the right position of the different rings. There are 3 piston rings – there is 1 oil control ring, and 2 compression rings. Bear in mind that these are not interchangeable, and you should put each ring in the proper place.
  • The first ring that you need to install is the oil control ring. Position it above the piston, and then slightly stretch the ring so that you’ll be able to fit it on the piston head. Slide it downwards slowly until you reach the bottom groove.
  • Next, you need to install the compression rings. You have to start with the lower compression ring, and then the upper compression ring. Similar to the oil control ring, place it above the piston and slowly slide it downwards until you reach the middle groove.
  • After you have installed all three rings, you need to compress each ring into position. Note that you have to compress the rings towards the side of the piston. This will help you slide the each piston into each cylinder.

Pretty easy, right? Now that you know how to replace piston rings by yourself, you can save on unnecessary labor costs from your neighborhood mechanic. Just remember that if you are not entirely sure that you know what you’re doing, consult a professional first.


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