How To Install Fuel Lines

The worst thing that can happen to a car is having all the fuel ready but not being able to use it because of fuel line malfunction. This tiny part of your car is the conduit from which all fuel flows to fire up your car engine. Installing may require some grease on your hands and a lot of care, but it is truly worth it. Here are the steps in installing fuel lines:

  • Know your auto parts. Inner Auto provides you with a very detailed description of car parts that you will have to familiarize yourself with. This will give you advantage as you go under the hood of your car to check on this very detailed automotive procedure. Your car’s manual will also help you heaps on this one.
  • Gas Tank. Not to the point of draining, but you need to remove the contents of the gas tank before you make the installation. To remove gasoline showers on your face and all over your workspace, it is also best to remove the pressure on your gas tank prior to removing the old fuel lines and installing the new one. You can do this by giving the fuse a pull and also removing the negative terminal of the battery.
  • Remove old fuel lines. There are two places where the fuel lines are located: either it is under the hood or at the back of the car near the gas tank. Try to locate that first so that you can find the old fuel lines. The screwdriver or a handy wrench can help you loosen the clamps of the old fuel lines so that you can remove them. Familiarize yourself with the wires you are taking out and work in a sequence so that you will be able to retrace your steps anytime.
  • Find a good replacement for your fuel lines. Online shops like Auto Anything factory recommend different types of fuel lines depending on the model of your car. It is to your advantage if you know the exact size yourself. The metal clamps that you find in the fuel lines also help hold in the fuel without leaking, so make sure those are also in good condition. Buying from a brick and mortar shop can help you inspect the materials.
  • Installation of new fuel lines. In installing, you use the new clamps to hold the wires in place. But before making those installations permanent, first make sure that you have it in the right length. A good razor knife is trusty for this one.
  • Professional Work. There are pros that are also able to do it for a fee, depending on your location. You can try checking out the Unofficial DMV Guide online for accurate estimates on how much these would cost.  

Once you have already installed your fuel lines anew, make sure that you maintain it well. Also, in your workspace, have rags handy because this procedure is quite messy. As much as possible, try your best to make minimal replacement procedures on your car by preserving it well. This way, there will be fewer invasions to its original make and it will continue to serve you for a long time.


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