How To Install Lower Control Arms in a Honda Civic

Your Honda Civic has a specialized suspension system. That system has lower control arms that are used in holding your car's steering knuckle and in positioning its axle housing while you are driving and your car's wheels are moving up and down.
If the lower control arms of your car were bent or damaged in an accident or its assembly components are worn out, steering can become problematic (or more difficult to do). But don't fret. You can readily rectify the problem by getting replacements. You should look for the lower control arms or components for your Honda Civic model. Here are the guidelines on how you can install them effortlessly: 

  • On removing the lower control arms. Begin with the wheel lugs. Use your lug wrench to loosen them and eventually, to take out the tire from the part where the replacement should be made.   Then, go to the front tire of your Honda Civic. Support and jack it up using a stand. After that, remove it cautiously.  Look for the sway bar link. You won't miss it. Since it is fastened on the lower control arm, simply disconnect it. Afterwards, bring out a ratchet and socket (deep) or a wrench. Use it to firmly control the bolt as you attempt to loosen the corresponding bolt.  Next is the strut fork. Remove it from the lower control arm. After that, the fasteners attached on the rod should be loosened and removed, too.  Again, for both tasks, you can use a ratchet and socket or a wrench.   Go to the steering knuckle assembly. Spot the cotter pin. It is on the nut that holds the ball joint of the lower control arm. Remove it using a handy pair of nose pliers. And then, work on the ball joint nut. Unfasten it with a ratchet and socket or a wrench. Meanwhile, manage the ball joint. Get a ball joint remover to disconnect it from the steering knuckle.   And finally, loosed the bushing mounting bolts. They are positioned right at the rear of the lower control arm. A ratchet and socket or a wrench is definitely useful.
  • On installing the lower control arm. Bring out your silicone grease. Apply a coat of it over the bushings of your new lower control arm. Then, position the new unit and fasten the corresponding bushings with a ratchet and socket or a wrench. Get the ball joint and insert it into the mounting space of the steering knuckle. See to it that the mounting nut is properly tightened. Then, check out the ball joint stud office so you can readily access one of the ball joint nut slots and immediately put in a new cotter pin. That should securely fasten the ball joint stud to the nut. Use a pair of nose pliers to work things out easily.  Attach the rod directly to the new lower control arm and then, the fasteners, the strut fork, and the sway bar link. Make sure that everything is done tightly using a ratchet and socket or a wrench. Eventually, the tire should be mounted on the wheel assembly and the wheel lugs, installed. Finish the job by tightening the wheel lugs and by lowering your Honda Civic.

Additional instructions can be found in your Honda Civic's service manual.


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