How To Keep a Black Car Clean

A black car is something that almost everyone wants to own.  There are, of course, other sleek colors, but there is something about a black car that makes it more than just a regular car.  It has a touch of class that is not in other colors no matter what the brand, make or model.  But how easy it is to maintain that sleekness is a different story. 

Even if it is the king of all colors, you will soon discover that black cars are the hardest to keep clean since any dust and debris are visible as soon as it lands on the surface.  Take a look at these guidelines to keep your black car clean.

  • Bring your car to the hands-free car wash station.  The method they use is the mildest of all the ways.  Manual car washes offered by some car wash stations are often the most risky ones because you have no way of knowing how much pressure they use when they touch your car.  Manual car washes only use rags that have been used for a number of times.  After some time, these rags also leave bits and pieces when drying your car.  Eventually, the fibers of these rags that were left on the surface of your black car will show more than they do on other colors.
  • Apply wax to your black car as frequently as possible.  A good practice will be to apply wax on your car after every wash.  Wax helps get rid of the dirt and grime, and put in more gleam and shine.  Those scratches that are already on the paint can also be covered by wax.  Just make sure that you follow the instructions on how to apply your car wax for you to maximize the result.
  • If you do not trust manual car washes and do not wish to go to hands-free stations, you can go ahead and wash your car yourself.  This way, you will be able to put that extra care and TLC in handling your car.  This way, you will also have control as to the pressure you give with each scrubbing.  This gives the extra love and attention that your black car would not get from car wash stations.  Start with completely soaking your car with water to help take off the dirt from the surface easily. 
  • You can use a soft brush dipped in a mixture of soap and water to reach those areas that are pretty hard to reach with microfiber rags.  This will remove those accumulated bugs in the grill or the tar that started to build up at the doors.
  • End the process by using sponge dipped in car soap and water.  A good thing to do is to keep two separate buckets: a bucket for clean water and another for the dirt water to make sure that you steer clear from those twirls on the black paint of your car. Use a mild car shampoo, instead of household detergents, as the latter can strip off your car’s coat of wax or sealant.

With your busy schedule, it might be nearly impossible to give your black car that frequent do-it-yourself washing.  But once in a while, washing your car all by yourself will give you time to inspect and check for things that may require your love and attention.


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