How To Keep a Pickup Truck from Sliding on Icy Roads

It is really hard for a pickup truck driver when the road that he is taking is slippery, especially on icy roads. It is extremely difficult to control these heavy loaded vehicles and this means that professional drivers have to face a harder challenge ever time they encounter wet, slippery or icy roads. This can be dangerous and can cause great harm to the driver and to other persons involved for this is common in road accidents.

There are also ways that you can do to keep your pick up truck’s traction in spite of slippery and icy roads (in case the roads are not icy enough). Here are some of the steps on keeping your pick up trucks from sliding on slippery and icy roads.

  • Visit a store where you can buy accessories and tools that are necessary for all kinds of vehicles. Try going to Handy Man, Lowes, Home Depot or some local hardware stores. Buy two sand bags. The weight of the sand bags should depend on the size of your vehicle. If you are using a smaller pickup truck like the Ford Ranger, you should use two sand bags that weigh 60 lbs each. On the other hand, if you are using a larger truck like a Ford F-250, you will need two sand bags weighing 80 lbs each.
  • You need to buy a rug to rug grip, like Miracle Hold or anything with the same purpose. It is made up of thick rubber materials and is used to hold rugs to tiled floors and woods by keeping it together with a sticky pad. Don’t worry; you will not use it for this purpose.
  • Measure your sand bag’s length and width and cut out the rug to rug to size.
  • Place these rug to rug pieces in your pick up truck’s bed at the top of the wheel wells. Then put the sand bags on it. The purpose of the rugs is to keep the sand bags in place, and prevent it from sliding around. You now have improved traction and you don’t have to use your chains anymore to avoid fishtailing.
Before the winter begins, you have to be prepared before hitting the road. Your preparation must include the inspection of your pickup truck’s wheels, constant checking and maintenance of your brakes and ensuring that your power brake fluids and brake pads are in good condition.

Here are some other precautions when driving on an icy road.

  • The most important thing to remember when driving in an icy road is to slow down! This can give you more time to react when your pickup truck starts to slide.
  • It will take longer time for your truck to stop on snow or ice. It is a must to provide a following distance. Drive far enough from the car in front of you to prevent accidents.
  • Take sharp curves slowly by hitting your brakes gradually.
  • Turn into the slide when fishtailing.
  • Keep your eyes on the road and stay alert.


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