How To Keep Your Windshield Fog-Free

When driving, you are not only responsible for your own life, but for your passengers, fellow motorists and pedestrians also. It is highly important that you have maximum visibility when driving to prevent any accidents. Struggling with a foggy windshield is definitely hazardous especially during the wet season. The following are some steps to ensure a fog-free drive.

  1. Clean your car windows religiously with a glass cleaner. Your car’s interior gradually accumulates dust and oil, which are the base or natural forms that eventually would turn into fog. Cleaning it every two weeks, or more often during the wet season, would help fix the problem. You have the option of making your own anti-fog solution to keep the windshield from fogging up by mixing 2 ounces of vinegar and about ¼ cup of hot water, or a much better idea would be to use certain commercial glass cleaners of anti-fog solution.
  2. Prevent excess moisture from entering the car. Before entering your car, make sure you tap off the snow on your shoes, or vigorously shake off water from your umbrella. Any excess moisture adds to the fogging up of your windshield.
  3. Use your car’s defroster or defogger when adjusting your air conditioning settings. Make sure you don’t use the recirculation option, even though it's economical to re-circulate the heat in your car. You have to use ‘fresh air’, because the longer the old, warm, damp air stays inside the car, the more it would fog up your windows when the cool air kicks in.
  4. Roll down your windows a little bit. Air outside of the car is normally drier compared to that on the inside. Opening the car windows will not defog the windshield, but it helps to allow dry air to come inside the car. This step does not work all the time, especially of course if the rain is pouring outside.
  5. Wipe your windshield and interior windows with a cloth. It is very helpful to keep a dry cloth or towel on your dashboard to get rid of moisture while driving.
  6. Have a mechanic regularly check the car’s heater system. The car’s heater could be broken, which might be the reason why water vapor builds up in the car's interior.

Sometimes it helps if you warm up the car and power on the defroster just a few minutes before you start your drive. If you are experiencing a little fogging again on your windshield, just simply change your air conditioning settings back to defrost. It is very important that your windshield is fog free to prevent any accidents. Being meticulous about these little things definitely pays off.


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