How To Keep Yourself Awake while Driving

A long road trip is not only a way to get to a far-away destination. It’s a thrilling experience where you can see places, faces, and experience new stuff. It’s like inviting yourself to a new adventure. However, this long adventure can’t always be exciting enough to keep you awake at times. Seeing the road is boring. Long-distance driving can be a sleeping pill.

It should be okay if driving while sleeping won’t cause accident. Problem is, sleep-driving is one of the causes of vehicular accidents. There are ways to keep yourself awake while driving. Try one of the tips below:

  • Do not hit a long-road journey alone. Have another driver with you. This way, you can take turns for driving. After four or so hours, the other driver can do the driving while you take a rest. Do this until you reach the destination.
  • Have a conversation with the passenger. Driving for so long won’t be so tough even if you’re the only driver as long as you have passengers with you. Talk with them about anything interesting—rumors, politics, religion, life stories, and myths. If you’re not a good conversationalist, then initiate a good activity that will stimulate your brain like question-and-answer or guess who.
  • Play music. But play upbeat music not mellow music. Upbeat music will keep your brain awake and so, you will be kept awake, too. It’s also better to sing along with the music. It’s hard to feel sleepy if you are singing along with the music. You can even dance to the beat to exercise the sleepy muscles.
  • Have frequent stops. Plan to stop and walk around every after two or three hours. Besides, you need to stop even if it is not for keeping yourself awake. You need to refill gas, eat, drink, or use the CR. Take at least 20 minutes to stretch and rest from driving.
  • Get a sleep. If possible, do not drive continuously for 24 hours. Stop in a travel lodge or motel to get a sleep. Four hours will be enough to recharge your body. Sleep longer hours if possible. This way, you won’t have to fall asleep while driving. You already got your needed sleep at the motel.
  • Drink caffeinated beverages. Keep some ready-to-drink coffee and soda in your car. Drink some if you feel sleepy. Caffeine from these beverages will keep your mind alert at all times.
  • Eat something. Fresh fruits, chips, and pizza can be great buddies while driving. Apples and other juicy fruits are known to keep the mind alert. Chips are nice for munching something and keeping the mouth busy. Pizza is, well, just a plain favorite snack. Just don’t overeat because too much food in the stomach will make you sleepy like a snake.

There are so many tricks on how to keep yourself awake while driving. The best tricks should work specifically for you. Try the tips above and try to think of other tricks, too. Some people do weird things just to keep themselves awake while driving like wiping cold towel on their face or doing facial muscle exercise. It’s okay to do weird stuff. Just don’t do bad stuff to keep yourself awake. It won’t be worth the sacrifice, anyway.


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